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The time I (18M at the time) fucked a girl in my Dad’s fire station…

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This happened many many years ago I was 18 at the time & I’m 39 now, & I’m not a writer so bear with me.

I was dating a girl at the time & we went to see my dad at his fire station so I could talk to him about something. We were in the reck room with the tv. It had a table with chairs on one side behind the couch that she & I were sitting at talking to my dad when all of a sudden they ( the fire fighters) got a call they had to go on. She slightly shorter than I, with big B cup tits & dirty blonde hair. Looked at each other when they ran out the door, knowing what each other were thinking she immediately gets down on her knees while I take out my 8” thick cock & she instantly starts blowing me. After a few minutes I stand her up turn her around and pull her pants & panties down while I’m still sitting in the chair & she starts riding me reverse cowgirl using the table for help. We’re both getting hot & are red in the face. Then all of a sudden after a few minutes of fucking we see & hear the fire truck drive past the window. “Talk about a moment ruiner!” We both quickly pull our pants back up & walk out to the fire truck red in the face, & the guys look at us like they knew what we were doing. So we say goodbye & walk quickly to my truck & once we get in it start laughing & drive off.

Sorry this was short but it was a really long time ago & like I said I’m not a writer but I wanted to share with y’all! So I hope y’all liked it.

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