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The Escort

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I rang the doorbell and stood outside in the warm summer night with my heart thumping nervously. It was pitch dark outside and the only source of light was a old porch light that cast the entrance in a pale flickering light.

I shuffled my heels in a agitated manner. Here I was at some strangers doorway. Wearing nothing but a tank top and tight daisy dukes- I felt like a whore. Hell at this point- I was a whore. There was no denying it. Calling myself a ‘sex worker’ wouldn’t change the fact that I was here to sell my body. Standing there I had let my imagination run a little bit. My thong was soaked through. I thought I heard something whine me but it was just someone opposite putting out their garbage cans. I sighed and was about to pull out my phone when the front door opened.

I could have breathed a sigh of relief. He was a older man but he was the same person I had Skyped with. His smile was reassuring and he smoothly stepped aside to let me in. His house was normal. No obvious serial killer memorabilia. The AC was a cool relief against my skin. I relaxed a little and we exchanged pleasantries. Before I knew it there was a loud bark as a large Doberman padded into the living room. He let out a few loud barks before he came over and sniffed me. His wet nose tickled my calves as he inspected me. I laughed and cooed over him. He went into a instant goofball mode. This guy LOVED attention. Head rubs, pets and belly rubs. When the dog had calmed down a bit the owner and I talked a bit more. He apologized that he took so long to come to the door and without further ado- an envelope was pressed into my hands with a smile and a wink.

I grinned. The business end was taken care of. And so far- this guy was legit.

“Show me where.” Was all I said. I tried to sound a little sexier but the excitement bubbled through.

He led me over to the main living room couch which was covered by a sheet. A camera on a tripod stood at the center. He had already pulled out his phone and his excitement was all over his face. He called the dog over. After a few minutes the dog walked over and he ordered him to sit.

My clothes were coming off the next minute. I stood in front of him wearing my little blue thong. I let him take a few pics before I slid it down and kicked it off. I sat on the couch and spread my legs. I was slick with anticipation at this point and I could literally smell my own musk and arousal. The dog didn’t even wait for a command. He zeroed in before I could call him over.

Two seconds later I feel this warm wet rough tongue on my cunt. It was pure agonizing bliss. I barely could feel myself letting out a little gasp and immediately arching my hips as I heard him slurp and slobber. It was warm… and I had to force myself to close my legs before I came. I gave him a little kiss sticking out my tongue and tasting him. Slobber and doggy breath washed over me as we frenched. Mostly to give the owner a show. I remember giggling and relaxing a little as he licked me all over. On my breasts and then my tummy. I was covered in spit from my mouth to my cunt. After letting him eat me out for a few more minutes- I looked at the owner and gave him the signal.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

He came over to us and then clapped my tights. One two three smacks. And before I could even let my breath out- I was knocked back on the couch as 100+ pounds of pure fur and muscle pinned me down.

His collar dangled in front of me as I registered what had happened. I felt his haunches desperately start to trust. I had my legs spread open wider as I hyperventilated. It had been so long. Then I felt something hard slide past my drenched pussy lips. The owner took over for a moment and then I felt it.

He hammered himself into me. His cock was huge. I felt him literally glide into me as my lips parted around his shaft. I was that wet. After three thrusts- I squirted all over the couch. I saw red for what seemed like 5 mins. Little gold stars too. When I came around I could turn my head a little and see his red glistening dog cock thrusting. A wave of pleasure hit me as I felt my muscles tightening around him. It was only then I get the cold trickle running down my legs. I had squirted all over the couch and on the floor. I could feel a small puddle of it on my heels. My cheeks burned.

I had just squirted on a dogs cock in less than a minute. So much for a seasoned escort. At that point all I could do was keep my breathing even and enjoy ever single sensation. I could feel how rigid and point his shaft was inside me. His fur tickled on my naked body. His weight completely pinned me down. His panting and slobber dripped on my forehead and ran down my hair. To say I was being fucked was an understatement.

I was being ravaged. And I loved every second of it.

I remember my eyes rolling back at one point when I had another squirting session. I could only dimly hear the guy saying “holy fuck”

He sounded like a mile away. I remember blacking our only to feel something hard and round poking at my cunt lips. I could feel the dogs shaft hitting my cervix a bit painfully now. I cried out.

It was pain and pleasure when he forced the knot into me. I don’t know how but I remember just shouting and moaning when it slid inside. It felt like someone had shoved a baseball inside me. I lost control for a bit. Heaving and moaning, shouting nonsense. Eventually the thrusting stopped and I felt the dog put his full weight on me.

I remember thinking that if I die- at least I’d have the most intense pleasure before I go. Honestly- it was just the weight of him that make me extremely short of breath. I don’t know how long we lay there. I only closed my eyes and for the longest time listened to the dog panting and the owner moving around.

I focused on milking and squeezing my mucked around his knot and shaft. It felt as if his cock was literally inside my womb. At that thought I felt myself squirt again- just a little as I head another wet splatter hit the floor. I was complete. Stuffed full. Bred by a strangers dog.

When he came I felt a sort of pressure in my womb build up. I felt boated and plugged. A while later I felt him shrink ever so slightly and then a loud splatter as his cum leaked. It was like having a balloon deflate in me. I could feel his dog cum trickle past my sore lips and onto the sheets, on my thighs, on the floor. When he slipped out of me- it’s like I lost a huge pleasurable slab of meat. I felt so fucking empty. But satiated. Like a bad itch had just been scratched. I remember groaning as the owner snapped a few more pics of our… union.

It took me an hour to recover. I just lay there in a half stupor as I just… basked. I made small talk with the owner as he stroked himself off. On shaky legs I got down on all fours and lay underneath the dog.

And I sucked his dog off. For free, and as a little thank you to his beautiful stud. I remember his taste. A little funky. Like a metallic salty flavor.

After the deed was done, I put on my clothes, opting to shower back home. I had the look of a woman who had a train ran on her. My lipstick was smudged. My mascara ran. My hair was a tangled sticky mess. I reeked of sex and wet dog. I walked bow legged to his front porch and gave him a small kiss to thank him. We said good night.

And I sat there in my Uber. Tasting my client as the mask covered my lips. My shorts didn’t hide the small stream of dried fluid that ran down my thighs…

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