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Hospital Story (Details)

So I recently wrote post about my first sexual experience while I was working at hospital with a married woman who I referred to as «S». However in the story I realized that I actually left out several Important details about the both of us. I’m a black male with an athletic build and around 5’9. I was 24 at the time and was in the final stretch of my college career where I was going to be graduating soon and moving on with my life. The position I had allowed me to move freely throughout the Hospital without being

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A threesome hotel adventure

Story: A hotel adventure

Apologies for the mistakes in sentence structure or strange choice of words sometimes. It’s been translated from Dutch as well as possible

I lie on the bed in the dimly lit hotel room and feel sexy. Excitingly nervous. My clothes are already taken off, but I’m wearing the most exciting outfit I’ve ever worn. Actually, I am not really into it, but for this occasion I’m wearing very nice exciting stockings and a luxurious but horny lingerie set. The black panties that feel wonderfully soft are made of a luxurious, slightly transparent fabric and above that

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This may be a long shot

So this may be a long shot, and I’m not posting too many details, as reddit won’t like it, but does anyone remember and have a copy of a full story I read like 6 years ago when I was fifteen?

The story is called Jake’s Incredible Summer.

I remember it so fondly and can remember a lot of the details, however I can’t find it online anymore. Like literally nowhere.

Please can someone help me find it and read it again. That shit changed my teenage years.


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Adventures of the Cherry Pooper. Gretchen, or: how we (almost) completely stopped having fun

Me and Dana were turning 30 this year. We were married for 7 years, just had our second baby, and Dana was seriously considering having another child.

But we kept fucking other women, mostly together. Usually Dana was the one who initiated it. We took protection seriously, used condoms regularly, always asked if our partner was taking pills. We didn’t want another Jada incident.

Speaking of Jada, my older son was a beautiful brown 7 years old. He lived with his mother, I invited him for family vacations and holidays, but without his mom.

Jada was in her third serious

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Breaking the lockdown drought part 2

Settling in the lounge, giggling about his grand entrance and catching up, nuzzled into his shoulder he softly kissed my forehead, before turning my face to his to kiss me.

I love kissing, the rampant teenage handsy kissing usually reserved for dark corners at parties or the back of the cinema.

There is a deliciousness to groping over clothes, that sense of anticipation, the will we/won’t we, taking the initiative and making a move….

I shot him the «I’m going to undo your jeans» look, and he kindly obliged by shuffling lower on the couch to release the tension on

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Ammie and Beryl [Lesbian] [Incest] [Softcore] [Human-Adjacent]

I sat by my bed, reading a new book. Well, trying to, at least — I wasn’t able to pay much attention at the moment, considering the young woman cuddled up nearby.

Beryl was lying on her back on my bed, reading a chemistry textbook of all things. Clearly she’d taken well to her new major. A little shorter and squatter than her older sister, she’d always been more academic and not quite as physically active as Amaranthe. As such, she wasn’t nearly as muscled, and had a little bit more weight on her. Not rubenesque, but certainly a bit

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Odd question for everyone.

This might be a little odd but I am curious about a three some with either twin males or twin females! Is it just me, or is it something that is common?!? No rude comments plz. Thank you.

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[MF] Girlfriend confessed cheating on me, and it led to the best sex ever as I was turned on like never before

So, I met my girlfriend in a foreign country while we were on vacations. We are from the same country but she was studying in a city 300 kilometers away, and we saw eachother every few weeks. Since we met sex was awesome. We were horny all the time, and she was such a slut (what I really, really appreciated). First time we had sex on the night we met at the club. From day one we were fucking without condom, and I almost every time came into her mouth. Even on the day we met. It was so hot

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A nerdy date to remember

We met on Tinder. Both of us are nerds who love Star Wars, Marvel and Video games. Our first date was actually online over a game of Call of Dudy since we were in lockdown but we had planned to meet up once lockdown ended. Luckily enough lockdown ended soon after and we went on our first official date in person to a restaraunt in the city.

This is how the night went.

**The Pickup**

I picked her up at her house in my 2010 Volswagon Golf. She hopped in my car and we introduced ourselves properly. «It’s nice to

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As an (M) daycare worker, I had sex with multiple single moms

** I’ve posted this series in the gwstories and sexconfessions subreddits so if you aren’t on there you can read them here. All individuals involved were over 18, consensual, and all true.

So this happened for 6 years. About 2001-2007 approx. When I was about 20-26 years old. I was in the best shape of my life at the time and pretty virile. I’m 6’0, white, 10% body fat (or so it seemed) and athletic with short spiked hair (hey, don’t judge, it was the early 2000s for this). And to top it off, I was working with school age

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Daycare single mom #1 — The Spanish mom

Thanks for reading and responding to my first post about this. Felt good to share and hopefully you enjoyed reading it.

This is the not so long true account of the first mom (I think — memory is a bit hazy on the order) I hooked up with from the daycare I worked out.

She was Spanish — From Spain originally and immigrated here to Canada as a teen so she had a combo of Canadian (western traits and Spanish). I would say she was a mix of conservative and freaky. It helped that her 2 children loved me. So

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I was (F)ucked by a wolf and I have the scars to prove it.

It happened when I was eighteen. I had taken a year to find myself after highschool, travelling from one national park to another in my dad’s old camper. Mom had been worried about me, a young pretty girl traveling alone, but I had gotten a full ride to a good college and she had given me the beat up camper van, that was our deal.

I spent most of my winter that year in Yellowstone. It was surreal, with the roads snowed in for the season, gone were the tourists, the site seers, and the day hikers. In their absence

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I(35M) got a Do-whatever-you-want giftcard from my FWB(35F)- Best sex of my life!

I recently got a FWB which has so much more experience than i do although we enjoy many of the same kinks. We meet every once in a while when the opportunity presents itself.

We havent explored every sexual avenue yet but we both enjoy satisfying each other tremendously and work quite hard to please eachother by taking control in turns.

We usually text about our kinks beforehand, though seldom in that much detail, we are both a bit shy while texting for some reason. It has come up that both of us like to be submissive and dominate each

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The Auntie Story #3 [FM]

This is the follow up to «[The Auntie Story #2](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/i0m08b/the_auntie_story_2_fm/)».

Years had passed since the incidents described in the stories #1 and #2 happened.
I had been with several girls and had a GF (Tina) at the time the following incident happened.

I had now turned 22 and we were attending Lisa’s 33 years birthday. The birthday was held at the school she worked in to accommodate friends and family participating.
Though nothing had happened between Lisa and myself in the years that had passed, I still had a weird attraction to her and I still think my uncle

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F/21 Struggling with conservative upbringing and sexual desires

I grew up very Christian and conservative. My sisters and I weren’t allowed to cut our hair. We could only wear dresses and they had to be ankle-length. We were taught that homosexuality is a sin. That sex is for procreation after marriage only. That a woman’s role is to support her husband, and be humble, and a girl’s is to obey her father. My father was a spare the rod and spoil the child kinda guy. That any kind of sexual act before marriage was a sin.

Despite being raised in an extremely conservative community, I have always had

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