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Let me help you. Interactive story ;) must read!

If you’re reading this, be ready to cum. Read every word in this interactive story and follow the instructions, let me know how it goes in the comments.

Hey there,
If your cock isn’t out, pull your pants down and place your hand on it. Imagine me in front of you, on my knees.

From now and on imagine every paragraph with me speaking in a soft, seductive voice. (Speaking paragraphs are marked with ****)

Gently grab your cock, soft or hard. I want you to place your fingertips on it. Slowly and softly rub it, move your fingertips up

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Sex stories

First Time Sex and First Time Posting here!

In college I was focused on my studies, but I didn’t have much luck with women at my University. Online dating helped me meet someone though. I was definitely sexually driven by that point. Our first date, she was extremely late, missed the morning archery date but we made lunch instead and came back to archery later.

We got back to her place and we were hot and heavy, she was short about 5’4”. Making out, playing with each other’s bodies. Talked about pleasures and toys and what we liked and didn’t like.

We made our way to her bed,

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Sex stories

I’m attracted to my grandmother and want to have sex with her

My Grandmother is 64, blonde hair, big tits, big ass and really sexy lips. She even has nice feet ngl.

Me and her have always been close. She is very touchy feely with me but not my other 2 brothers. She likes to play with my hair and I’ve gave her foot massages before (she asked for them). We get on really well and my grandpa is 68 but he’s in no shape to be having sex and I feel like she hasn’t been ducked in ages. I also love fucking older women not for looks (It’s not my fetish)

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Sex stories

Dorm visit (pt.3) (mf) (shy girl) (shy femdom) (oral) (date)

Strings of fairy lights laced their way between toffee apple kiosks and market stalls. Beneath the chatter of the crowds could be heard the quiet rushing of the river, a peaceful noise coming and going with the strength of the breeze.

Reflected in her glasses were dazzling dancers born from the decorative lighting behind us, twirling around each other in a desperate waltz. The breeze caught her hair, blowing it around her face, but her gaze remained fixed on the dark water. Snippets of conversations drifted down to us, laughter and joy from all angles. Still she stared into the

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Sex stories

A Tale of Two Sisters: PART I

It was rather generous of my friend to let me crash at her place while I visited, more than I imagined she would allow me, especially given our history. Last time she visited me, she begged me to fuck her, and was met with my rejection of her advances, followed by me stroking my cock over her face, and leaving a mess all over, without even giving her a taste. It was a strange period of my life during which that encounter had occurred, and the weeks following were not much better. I enjoyed turning her into my own personal

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Sex stories

A Shared Interest Pt. 3 [Consensual] [Humiliation] [Emotional Cuckolding]

I know this story isn’t for everyone. It’s super weird and a bit different but I hope some people find enjoyment in it none-the-less. Comments/Ideas appreciated and welcome!

[Part 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/if0jah/a_shared_interest_pt_1_consensual_humiliation/)

[Part 2](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/ifznco/a_shared_interest_consensual_humiliation/)


By the time I had arrived at Samantha’s place, the party was already in full swing. The place was filled with many of our friends and acquaintances and a few friends of friends I didn’t recognize. I grabbed a drink from the kitchen saying hello to a couple people before making my way to the living room. The furniture had been pushed out to the edges of

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Sex stories

My masseuse is on vacation Pt. 2

If you haven’t already, check out my first post detailing how I met Kara, and get an idea of what she looks like.

I had booked another appointment, only a week away. I guess you could say I was eager about being back on that table with Kara’s hands all over me. I checked in at the receptionist and took a seat, waiting impatiently. I could have sworn I had a semi just waiting for her. My regular masseuse, Tori, was still away on her vacation. I was sure it would have stirred something up with the sudden switch.

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Sex stories

It’s been 5 years..

It’s been 5 years and you still text me..

When I see a message from you it makes me ache.

You still want me and I still want you.

I can still feel your hands stretching me..

I can still taste your cum on my tongue.

Our sex.. was… astronomical. I still can’t put proper words…

Today I’m thinking of the time you stretched me with your hands in my apartment. You laid me on the bed and put your hand to work on my wet pussy. Making me cum over and over again. I decided to ride you. We

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Sex stories

The Escort

I rang the doorbell and stood outside in the warm summer night with my heart thumping nervously. It was pitch dark outside and the only source of light was a old porch light that cast the entrance in a pale flickering light.

I shuffled my heels in a agitated manner. Here I was at some strangers doorway. Wearing nothing but a tank top and tight daisy dukes- I felt like a whore. Hell at this point- I was a whore. There was no denying it. Calling myself a ‘sex worker’ wouldn’t change the fact that I was here to sell

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Sex stories

Growing thoughts.

So, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but this is all I know haha. My boyfriends cock is picky. Whenever I use certain words or do certain things his cock will get bigger than normal. Like, if I just talk dirty with him his cock will be closer to six inches, but whenever I use certain words like “fat” or “cow” it will grow to be like 10 inches. Should I change how I act in the bedroom? I really want to please him so I’ve been wondering, is this normal?

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Sex stories

Erotic Story Teller

I tell erotic stories with my sultry voice. So if you like sexy stories , while you explore fantasy and kink all from the privacy of your bedroom…This is for you. I will bring you new material every few days.I dont care what you do while you listen … I just want you to share with me. I want to know your desires — it will give me only great new ideas. We will cover all topics and some special requests from my fans. I take requests …I take gifts ….I take you to places you have always wanted to

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Sex stories

Wet Dream + Happy Ending

So i recently had another wet dream and oh my gosh i really loved it.


It was a Saturday night and I was out alone. I walked past a sex club, noticing a sign that there will be an event happening that night. I didn’t know what event was gonna happen but I went in. There was a girl at the front desk and I told her I wanted to be part of the event.

She led me to a room and told me that I could use any of the lingerie. I decided to change into

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Sex stories

Share a story where you met someone in class or on campus and ended up having sex?

Share a story where you were in college and met someone in class or on campus that you ended up sleeping with

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Sex stories

The time I (18M at the time) fucked a girl in my Dad’s fire station…

This happened many many years ago I was 18 at the time & I’m 39 now, & I’m not a writer so bear with me.

I was dating a girl at the time & we went to see my dad at his fire station so I could talk to him about something. We were in the reck room with the tv. It had a table with chairs on one side behind the couch that she & I were sitting at talking to my dad when all of a sudden they ( the fire fighters) got a call they had to

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Sex stories

(F)Mistress Z, the making of a sissy (M)slut (part 3). (Feminization)(sissy)(slave)(humiliation)(chastity)

Part three
(Writers note: the following is all fiction)

It was Monday morning and I was not ready for the day. I threw on some clothes as I rushed to my classes. Just then my phone dinged. I saw the notification Mistress Z. My heart skips a beat as I realize I put on normal boys underwear and couldn’t go home to change.

.Hi slut my house mates will be gone for the weekend, leaving me the house all to my self and you as my entertainment.
Your instructions for this weekend are as follows.
First you will look in

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