Sex stories

A Sneaky Surprise.

I finished drinking my last sip of wine, and a whiff of kiwi and mint vapors just brushed my face. My boyfriend sat in front of me, eyes fixed on me and his lips fixed on the hookah. He ran his feet up my leg, not giving a fuck about the crowded bar around us.

Ocassionally, his eyes went down my neck, and the not-so-subtle hints of what he wanted to do to me, was driving me crazy. And me wearing a skirt with nothing underneath, was driving him crazy.
We paid our bills, and sucking him off was on

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Sex stories

A Reluctant Vacation

The wife having two sisters is perfect. We all took a vacation together and I couldn’t be happier.

What started out as a planned getaway with my wife, turned into her sisters coming along. I was hesitant at first. I wanted alone time with Hannah, but she assured me we would still have some alone time.

After the first few nights of the all inclusive trip, Hannah and I were having sex almost nightly while her sisters were at the bar. They were trying to pick up single college kids. But the third night they came back early.

Hannah and

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Sex stories

My friend’s lucky night

This didn’t Happen to me. It happened to my best friend at the time. I witnessed the whole thing and it’s one of my favorite stories to tell.
First, my friend (let’s call him Mike) was having a rough week. He found out it gf cheated on him and that bummed him out . That Saturday after work I tell him to get ready cus we are going out drinking. Didn’t take much to convince him. We pregame at my place then head out to downtown. We’re drinking and bar hoping having a good time. He’s still kinda down but

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Sex stories

(F) Mistress Z and the making of a submissive (M) slut (humiliation)(sissy)(feminization)

Part three
(Writers note: the following is all fiction)

It was Monday morning and I was not ready for the day. I threw on some clothes as I rushed to my classes. Just then my phone dinged. I saw the notification Mistress Z. My heart skips a beat as I realize I put on normal boys underwear and couldn’t go home to change.

.Hi slut my house mates will be gone for the weekend, leaving me the house all to my self and you as my entertainment.
Your instructions for this weekend are as follows.
First you will look in

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Sex stories

Taboo weekend

Long story but worth reading I hope.
My daughter calls to tell me she is running a little late.
⁃ Ok sweetie. What time are your friends scheduled to arrive?
⁃ Don’t know Daddy. They never told me a time.
I chuckle at this. All fathers with teenagers know why. They never plan things properly.
⁃ What’s so funny Daddy?
⁃ Nothing sweetie. See you in a little while.
⁃ Ok Daddy.
I go out back and get a beer from the porch refrigerator. I suddenly realize her friends could start arriving any time now and put my beer back

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Sex stories

A stranger offered hersel[F] for [M]e to grope

Still getting hard when I picture what happened today.

So today I went to the zoo with my girlfriend, and it was fun and wholesome gf and zoo-wise. There were a lot of cute girls there, wearing revealing outfits that showed their round butts and downbloused tits.

There was a MILF with a stroller that showed her whole D size package for everyone to see, and we even locked eyes once, which allowed me to immediately look down at her tits and to show her that I want those. I think she was pleased and annoyed at the same time,

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Sex stories


My husband and I (30f)are very much into the lifestyle of swinging, also kink. I very much also consider myself to be a vixen. The best marriages are meant to be fun. During my birthday we usually hit up large swinger parties but due to the wonderful current state of the pandemic, all those parties were canceled this year. So we made due with what we could. I consider myself to my mostly submissive in the bedroom. We have tons of toys and wonderful restraints and contraptions we like to use. So we got drunk and then the fun began.

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Sex stories

Jealousy made me do it

Jenny and I were friends in high school but we drifted apart after graduating. We kept in touch through updates on Facebook. Over the years, I saw her get super successful in her career, marry a cute guy and buy a house. Meanwhile, I’m waitressing, single, and sharing an apartment with roommates.

About a week ago she sent me a message to see how I was doing and we chatted for awhile. She said she missed me and wanted to catch up. She invited me over to her place for dinner. I didn’t really want to go, to be honest.

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Sex stories

Dotty, Dee, Kim, Danny & Me. Part 20.

I had stopped hone to fetch beer to take over to the new place, only to find Dee pulling into the yard. I didn’t know how this would play out? Dotty, Kim, & Danny were at the new place. I told Dee they went shopping, Dotty & Kim.

Dee & I were now on the sofa playfully talking about what may have been taking place if Dee was here when Kim came over. You can read in last post how this was going.

I answered Dee, “After you dropped your bottoms, showing me your bare, sexy ass, you know I’d

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Sex stories

GF Kind of Sucks at Poker

(Years ago…)

My GF sucked at poker. Not like she lost every hand, just she would not make smart bets or stay in long past when she should. A few times playing with friends of mine, she would lose and end up broke and someone would make the crack that she could stay in if she bet her top and things like that. She would smile and smirk, but ultimately bow out or buy back in the traditional way. This is the story of one time, she bought back in the non-traditional way.

The evening was going great. Music was

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Sex stories

The boss’s wife on his desk

Names are fake, for anonymity.

Office Christmas party, I didn’t feel like coming since my boss decided to outsource my role and I’d be let go by January 1st. Still, free booze and not having to care how your behavior would reflect on your coworkers was enticing enough to go.

She is easy to spot, tight little minidress,high heels, long legs, and a smile that came right out of a toothpaste commercial. As far as I could tell, she’s about a decade my age, but what the hell, I think, she looks good so I make my way over to

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Sex stories

Quickie in the Bathroom

I sat there at my dressing table, putting the final touches on my makeup, wishing I could claim a headache and stay home, binge-watching television, and eating ice cream.  Unfortunately, it was my husband’s celebratory dinner at his boss’s house and it would not look good for me to be missing.  After ten years of hard work Mark, my husband finally made district sales manager and would now work in the home office supervising a team of salesmen instead of traveling.

“Summer,” Mark called up the stairs, “come on.  We need to leave. It would not look good for us

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Sex stories

Dreams mixed with reality part 19

I rested for a bit then warmed up some leftovers. I sat to test the login to the mainframe at work. Everything seemed to work and I set it up download all the information I needed. 49.5 hours it needed. Damn well 2 days of sitting around watching tv. I got the bedroom ready for later. Making sure there was plenty of lube around, towels and even a couple Advil for her Incase she was sore after. As I walked out of my room I saw Maddy walking around in my living room talking on the phone.

“Yes mom I

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Sex stories

I was used

I was heading over to a tinder dates house. He was a big black guy and he told me he could show my fat ass an amazing time. I had a short skirt on and a sleeveless tank top. Black bra and thong underneath. I knock on the door and two different guys answer, one guy said this will be fun while he rubbed my cheek with his hand, both stood over me. Then I see a few more guys ok the couch smoking pot and drinking. I was nervous but came back to my senses when I was slapped

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Sex stories

2 Blunts and 2 pussies (Part3/3)

Imagine this, My tongue going deep inside Reet’s wet Pussy, My hands kept spanking that thick ass. She was in doggy and I was hungry for that wet pussy. Her mouth was filled with Avi’s cock and I could see she loved sucking it. Avi was laying down few feet away from her and there was my beautiful slut Anita riding his face and looking at me while I ate Reet’s beautiful pussy and ass at the same time.
Anita kept pinching her perky hard nipples while I kept fingering Reet. It was like a game of seduction. I was

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