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My masseuse is on vacation Pt. 2

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If you haven’t already, check out my first post detailing how I met Kara, and get an idea of what she looks like.

I had booked another appointment, only a week away. I guess you could say I was eager about being back on that table with Kara’s hands all over me. I checked in at the receptionist and took a seat, waiting impatiently. I could have sworn I had a semi just waiting for her. My regular masseuse, Tori, was still away on her vacation. I was sure it would have stirred something up with the sudden switch.

The door from the hallway swung open and Kara came through, a big smile on her face, her dimples as cute as ever. She had her hair up in a messy bun this time, no doubt trying to keep it out and out of the mess we would be making together. As my eyes traced over her, I could notice something was different about her. My eyes jolted up to meet hers as she greeted me, «Sam! Back so soon are we? I guess I need to do a better job.» She laughed and teased. I noticed then that she had put on fake lashes, heavier eye makeup with hues of pink and red, and her lips glistened with the same pink lip gloss she wore last time, although clearly freshly applied.

As I stood up, her eyes dropped to my crotch blatantly, and she bit her lip, her eyes flicking back up to me and grinning more wildly now. My dick was sizeable, often giving me a noticeable bulge even soft. I laughed with her and responded as I stood up, «I guess I’ve been working myself too hard lately,» I replied with a subtle double entendre. It was true though, I had been training so hard that my muscles were very sore, and I’d been stroking myself off thinking of her that entire week, trying to imagine what she was like under all those clothes.

She shot me a look over her shoulder, a mischievous look in her eyes with an excited smile, before she dipped around the corner into one of the rooms. I followed behind her and saw the room all set up already, with oils, dim lighting and that subtle music playing from the cd player. Apparently that was the best they could do with, not a whole lot of spa music was available on Spotify I guess. She closed the door behind me and locked it, «God, I didn’t think this day could come any sooner,» she muttered, not hesitating to push herself against me, one hand gripping the front of my shirt, the other running her fingers through my hair and pulling me in for a kiss. Before I could even reply, I felt her warm, soft lips against mine, resulting in a mumble before I happily pressed back. I was surprised by her flavoured lip gloss, assuming it was only something girls wore earlier in their life, but it made the kiss so much sweeter. My arm wrapped around her tiny waist, my other hand reaching up and caressing the side of her face gently. I flicked my tongue over hers, only to feel her flick over mine playfully.

She broke free from my embrace, giggling, and sauntered over to the table. «Come here, let me help you get undressed.» She smiled playfully. Without saying a word I began walking towards her, peeling my t-shirt off and tossing it aside, her eyes were transfixed on me as she bit her lip and those green eyes wandered all over. As I got close enough she dropped to her knees, her hands coming up to meet my waistband of my jeans. She looked up at me and batted those big eyelashes as if begging for it while her hands undid the belt and zipper, yanking them down to my knees. Her jaw dropped again, my cock had stiffened quickly through all of this and sprung up almost slapping her across the face, «I do NOT remember it being this big.» She complimented me, eyes wide and locked in on my dick. One hand grabbed the base of my shaft, the other gripped the waistband to give herself leverage, eyes darting back up to mine as I felt her breath on the tip. «*Please* can you fuck me today?» She begged, giving her best impression of a pet begging for treats.

I smirked looking down at her, submitting already without even needing to tame her. I nodded as she slowly stroked the base of my cock, «why do you think I booked another appointment so quickly?» I smirked. She got what she wanted and gave me a sly smile before taking the tip of my dick into her mouth, swirling her tongue over it, eyes still locked on me. My hands came up to meet her messy bun, as she took me slightly deeper, her tongue out slathering the bottom of my cock in her spit. I moaned as she took me deeper, only to choke slightly, I guess I hadn’t stretched her throat out good enough yet. My response to her struggling was to push my hips forward, driving a few more inches into her throat, causing her to gag hard on it, spit starting to drip down her chin already. Her eyes looked up at me and squinted, trying for air, she coughed on my cock. I let go of her head, she pulls back and gasps, eyelids flickering a few times before spitting on my cock and burying it back down as far as her throat can handle. I grabbed her by the hair, but she didn’t need any help, she was pulling herself closer by the waistband of my jeans and leaning into it, taking more and more of my cock as she bobbed along it, making it glisten with a mixture of her spit and lip gloss. The sounds she was making drowned out the spa music and filled the room, «*Gluck*, *gluck*, *gwock*» she stares up at me, I moan loudly feeling her tongue sneak out beneath my shaft and lap at it as her throat slides along the rest of my cock. Her spit bad been dripping off my balls and her chin, soaking through the white shirt she had on. I noticed she had been wearing a red bra, making sense why she had put on the red eyeshadow and fresh red nail polish. She had planned this out in advance, and did not spare any detail. I gripped her hair more tightly, and started thrusting my hips, my balls clapping against her chin, driving it as deep as it would go. Her eyes begin to water, the noises grow louder and more numerous, I pull her until her nose is buried against me and hold her there til I hear her cough, sending thick spittle out from the sides of her mouth along my shaft. I pull her off of it, which leaves her smiling and attempts to spit on it, but the mixture of my pre-cum and her spit had thickened it to the point of it being futile and instead slides down her chin.

I pulled her up by the hair, and tossed her against the table, her back to me. I gave her a hard spank, sank to my knees and slowly slid her pants over her big round ass, revealing a matching red thong that had been swallowed up. I couldn’t help but playfully bite her on her ass, dripping her pants to her ankles. She looked back at me over her shoulder, propping herself up on the table on her elbows. I slid my hands up the outside of her toned legs and grasped the waistband of the thong, sliding it down. The waistband slid down with ease, and caught as it worked past her pussy, showing resistance from her wetness and being buried in her ass. The smell of her wet pussy wafted over me as I uncovered it, and my cock throbbed. I plunged under her ass and buried myself in her pussy, licking it up, my tongue sliding across her wet slit and swirling around her clit. My hands grasped the front of her thighs, pulling her ass back into me as I worked on her, Kara threw her head back moaning as I flicked my tongue over her clit, edging her nearer and nearer her climax. I could feel her right leg starting to quiver against me and knew she was close, I slurped at her pussy more quickly and heard her moaning loudly as she came, my spit and her cum dripping off my chin. I gave it a few slow licks to gather up her juices, slid my hands to her big ass and spread it apart, spitting on her asshole before tonguing it playfully for a moment. She glanced back at me as I did, my face barely peeking out from between it, «be gentle with it, I’ve never done anal,» she warns innocently. With that I gave her ass a slap and stood up behind her. I leaned in and playfully nibbled on her ear, «how about next time you let me be your first then?» I tease, biting my lip and drawing back.

I grasped the base of my cock, prodded her pussy with the tip, playfully circling it over her clit before pressing the head of my cock into her warm cunt. «Ohhhh fuck.» I groaned, she was tight and silky soft. She moaned with me, turning her upper body around, grabbing my shoulder with her hand to get better support to watch me. I began thrusting slowly into her, pushing my cock deeper inch by inch, doing my best to stretch her out and work myself in. «*Oooooh* fuck daddyyy,» she whined, her eyes looking up into mine as if to gauge if she should be embarassed. I just looked back into her eyes and smiled, sinking my dick another few inches until my balls rested against her clit. I started thumping into her rhythmically, my heavy balls clapping against her joining her ass slapping against me and filled the room with the sounds of skin against skin. I continued pounding her from behind a while before I wrapped my arm under the joints of her elbows and pulled her back to have her standing, with me crouched and thrusting against her, my other hand gripping at her chest and groping her over her wet uniform shirt. I pumped my cock into her repeatedly before reaching up with my other hand and tearing it open out of frustration, yanking her bra down and letting her tits hang out. They bounced in rhythm with my thrusting, I groped at them, her small nipples hard under the palm of my hands. My one hand slid down between her legs and rubbed her clit as I continued, feeling her legs start to shake under me, she bit her lip, threw her head back against my shoulder and her hands gripped my forearms. I could feel her getting close and didn’t want her moaning too loudly so I gripped her throat and held it tightly, choking her lightly. Her pussy clenched on my cock as she came, dripping out her down my shaft as she let out a near silent moan.

I pulled out and stepped back, to which she slid down onto the floor weak and euphoric. I walked around to face in front of her, my big hard cock swaying inches from her face. «Taste yourself,» I demanded. She reached up, grasping it and following with her lips, she kissed it, licked it and sucked it clean a few times before sliding back down. Her ass stuck up in the air, wiggling from side to side as if an invitation. I positioned myself behind her, getting down on one knee. I grasped her by her thin waist and thrust into her, a cry of pleasure and a bit of pain drawn out of her mouth at the surprise and suddenness of me hitting so deep, «your cock’s so fucking bigggg,» she mumbled into the floor. I gave her ass another stiff slap, my hand sliding down and probing her asshole with my thumb gently, my other one yanking on her messy bun. She moaned in approval and I sank it down a knuckle into her tight virgin ass. Knowing I’d be able to take it eventually made me so horny that I could feel myself leaking pre cum into her. My balls clapped loudly against her, and she shifted to help the angle of my cock so that it was sliding over her g-spot. I could hear her muttering more and more loudly, «oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,» picking up volume and speed, I grabbed her balled up, soaked panties and shoved them in her mouth to silence her with a gag. I continued pounding her bent over before I could hear a loud muffled moan and scream, pulling out and stepping back, my cock soaked from her pussy climaxing on it again.

Half in a daze she turned to look back at me, taking out her panties from her mouth, now even more soaked, and rolled over onto her back. I dropped down to my knees between her legs, threw them over my shoulders and pushed my cock in as far as it would go. Kara’s eyes had been closed but widened as I pushed myself in, she bit her lip trying desperately not to scream out loud. Dragging herself back up she opened her eyes and looked directly into mine, giving me another lustrous smile, «I want you to spray that cum all over my face daddy.» She licked her lips, «give me that big thick load daddy…*pleasseeeee* daddy?» She moaned. Having her beg was final straw, I was drawing near, leaking pre cum into her, I felt myself tense up «fuck I’m gonna cum baby.» I groaned, my hand gripping the base of my cock. I didn’t get it all the way out before I emptied 2 big nuts into her pussy, finally drawing it out I angled it to spray up and across her body into her gorgeous face. She smiled and giggled as the remaining cum splattered across her in a warm heap of cum. She licked her lips, ran a finger up her abdomen to gather up any leftover cum and licked it off. «Oh my god Sam, you drenched me!» She laughed, smiling brightly. Her hand slid down and fingered herself gently a few time, my big load pouring out afterwards, which she gratefully licked off herself as well. She bit her lip, rolled her head one way and the other, as if thinking something, then looked at me, batting her long lashes that were now caked in cum looking serious for a moment before breaking out in laughter, «it’s a good thing I’m on the pill, you would have bred me!» She said, the creampie still dribbling out.

I laughed and stood up, my cock still dripping cum out of the tip, «you’re pussy is too good, makes pulling out difficult.» I smirked, gathering my clothes up, «next time I’ll fill your ass and we won’t have to worry about it.» She giggled, grabbed a towel and began cleaning up, «I left my card for you at the desk, it’s got my name and address, maybe you can come by for a more private one on one?» She gave me a sly smile as I threw on my clothes.


Stay tuned for part 3!

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