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My first Cheating.

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(Fiction) Cheating, something I never imagined I would do, why cheat? I love my husband, what reason I would have to do that? And the answer was always none, I never had any reason to cheat on my husband but still happened.

I was 32 at the time, I already had my two children’s and I was a nurse, after a busy year the hospital I work decide to hire more nurses to help and I was in charge of their training, among them was a young man, 21 years old , beautiful body and very intelligent, at the end of the training he was hired and started working in the same sector as me, we had a lot in common so we soon became friends.

With the months passing by we got closer and we started to have deeper conversations but until then totally platonic, he had a girlfriend at the time and always asked me for tips to please his girlfriend, and as I was very comfortable with him I always talked to him in a very open tone.

I think the biggest problem I had was identifying the line between platonic friendship and an emotional affair, at the time I didn’t think that what I was doing was wrong. while we worked together i liked to tease him saying that he was gay and that he liked the boys in our unit, he told me that he could make me forget about my husband because he was very good and it all just brought us more close, he started asking me about how to give his girlfriend a good oral sex and make sure he was giving her pleasure, i told him what i liked but that each woman likes it differently and he should talk to her to know what she likes.

We started talking outside of work because we worked at night and we were lonely during the day, we started talking every day about girls and he started asking very personal questions like what I liked sexually, I still thought about him as a great friend, I never thought of him in a romantic way.

I remember him asking me what my biggest dirty secret was and I told him it was at my college where I had a threesome with two of my friends, he started asking me what kind of underwear I was wearing under the my scrubs, saying that I was a «milf».

One day my husband had to go on a business trip and my friend called me, which was normal but from his voice I knew he had been drinking, he started to compliment my appearance and then asked me what I was wearing, I didn’t see any kind of malice in his question and I replied that I was wearing a camisole and shorts because it was hot that day, he told me he was horny and that he was touching himself, at first I thought it was a joke but then I saw that he was serious, it was a little funny but at the same time exciting all the compliments he spoke to me, he told me that he was staring at me in the hospital while I wasn’t looking and that he imagined having sex with me in one of the call rooms where the doctors who work at night use it to sleep, I blushed when he said that but I felt it was getting wet.

He kept saying what he would do to me at work, how he would use his hands and his mouth, he told me he was hard and asked me if I was wet, I was surprised when I put my hands between my legs how wet I was, I had never had sex over the phone and I wasn’t attracted to him so I didn’t understand why I was so turned on.

He started saying dirty things for me to do on myself and what he was doing with his penis, at first I was embarrassed and said I was doing the things he asked for despite being a lie but he asked me to say things to him and start making moaning noises and i did, while i was moaning for him i started to get excited and finally started to touch myself, i felt so dirty but so good, i knew it was wrong but it didn’t feel wrong, it was just me touching and not him, it was like I was out of my body watching me do those things.

Soon his breath started to become fast and I knew he was having a orgasm, I was so wet and so horny but I didn’t let myself have an orgasm at that moment, we talked a little, he thanked me and said that we saw each other at work tomorrow, after he hung up I started fantasizing about the things he said he would do to me and that made me have a very intense orgasm, I didn’t sleep well that night because I knew what I had done was wrong but I kept thinking about what would happen when we met at work.

For two weeks we talked normally, there were some flirtations but nothing compared to the phone sex, during one of our shifts at night he brought me coffee and asked me if at the end of the shift I would give a ride to his car, this was normal for him to ask because I had a parking space but he had to park on the other side of the block, but for some reason this time seemed different, I spent the last part of my shift thinking about it, I didn’t want to be embarrassed but I started to get excited about what could happen.

My shift ended and he was waiting for me outside, while we went to my car with him behind me, suddenly he said I had a beautiful ass and slap it, at that moment I knew something would happen and i would let him.

When we got to my car and I opened the door he came up behind me and pressed himself on top of me, I arched my body a little and I could feel his penis hard, he went to the other side and got in the car, we talked a little about our shift and it was when he turned my face and we both moved at the same time to kiss, we kissed for a while and i push him when i realized what i was doing, that’s when I saw that he had opened his pants and taken his penis out, I immediately forgot all my hesitation and went down on him.

He was moaning and I whispered to him to be silent and I go back to suck him again, he asked me to stop for a while because he was about to cum, he then asked me to see my breasts so I lifted my top and then he was there staring for a while, he started touching and licking my breasts as if he had never seen one in his life, then he opened the buttons of my pants and slid his hands down to my panties, he rubbed me out of my panties until he realized I was wet and then he slid a finger inside me, I started to stroke him because I wanted him to stay hard, all this time he kept saying that I was beautiful and hot and it made me crazy, I loved it hearing him say how much he wanted me, even more than the feeling of him touching me, he was very inexperienced and had no skills but just thinking about what I was doing made me wet.

He pulled me on top of him, my top was up, my breasts were exposed, my pants were down but I was still wearing my panties, his penis was rubbing on the outside of my panties, like up and down over my vagina and stomach, he told me all the time that I was beautiful and that he wanted me so much, for a while I just thought I would rub him, it was an instant decision to have sex with him, I was wet and he was complimenting me, I got up a little, put my hand between my legs, pulled my panties aside, opened my vagina with my fingers, put myself on top of his dick and went in so easily, I looked at him and said that he couldn’t come inside me and I asked him if he understood, he said yes and I started riding him.

After about 3 minutes he said he was almost cumming so I got off him and at first my intention was to masturbate him until he cum but then I remembered that he could make a mess in the car that is also used by my husband, so I thought it would be better if he came in my mouth, I bent down and started sucking him again, I felt his penis pulse in my mouth so I sealed my lips around his penis, when the semen came out I just I kept my mouth close and used my hand to masturbate him, it was a strange feeling to have another man’s semen in my mouth after more than 10 years but at that moment I was committed to do all.

When he stopped cumming my mouth was full and there was another problem, I had nowhere to spit so the only way I found was to swallow it, when I got up with my mouth full and swallowed the semen he looked at me and said “Oh god” and gave me a kiss, looked at me again and said “I love you”, yes he said that, I put on my pants and my top, drove to his car and he left.

We talked the other day and I made it very clear that I would not abandon my husband and children for him, that we are done and after that we never talked about it again.

The sex itself was not good, he had a long but very thin penis which was very uncomfortable and the car didn’t help much either, I liked it because it was forbidden and wrong but I think if the sex was better or in a place with more space maybe it would have become a full blow affair, we both got on with our lives, he eventually got married and I live happily with my husband.

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