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Looking to share stories/ideas

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Anyone interested in exchanging stories and/or ideas. I have a few typed up and would love to hear your reactions/talk about them/play them out.

There they were, both sitting in his truck. At first it was small conversations. But not long before Jade’s eyes gaze into his as his does the same, slowly they both lean into each other, locking lips. They both get that feeling…. the mixture of butterflies and a little more, arousal…. quickly their kiss turns into a makeout: Jade’s tongue wrestles his, hands are feeling and touching each other, the windows start to fog up…. before long, Jade catches her hand rubbing at his crotch, almost a reaction as he is kissing on her neck….

The moonlight barely breaking through the foggy window, Jade unbutton his pants, eager to see what he had under. He assists by sliding his pants down to his ankles as Jade is rubbing the bulge outside his boxers. His hand in Jade’s hair as she slides his boxers down, revealing his groomed member: Shaved above and below, swollen balls and a growing shaft. Jade’s mesmerized as she starts to stroke him…. he let’s out a soft sigh as his cock is within the grip of her warm, soft hand…

Jade eagerly leans over, her mouth open and let’s her tongue lick the tip of his growing cock ..his eyes focus down at her, his hand playing with her hair as he feels the teasing sensation. Loving words are exchanged as Jade begins sliding him in her mouth. He let’s out a grunt of pleasure as Jade slides him out of her mouth, the smack of her lips before she slides him back in, so on and so forth…
10 minutes pass by, she’s had a mouthful and is eager to get to the real deal…. she gets up and sits back in her seat, this time undressing herself: off comes the shirt as well as the bra, her leggings slip off with the panties as she looks over… he strokes his wet cock as he watches her…giving her a smirk before she climbs ontop of him, her ass cuddling his cock as they get back to making out for a bit. Jade wiggles her ass along his wet cock and not long before he finds himself stuffed inside Jade’s wet pussy…. soft moans and groans fill the car, foggy windows and Jade’s handprint on the drivers side……

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