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Let me help you. Interactive story ;) must read!

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If you’re reading this, be ready to cum. Read every word in this interactive story and follow the instructions, let me know how it goes in the comments.

Hey there,
If your cock isn’t out, pull your pants down and place your hand on it. Imagine me in front of you, on my knees.

From now and on imagine every paragraph with me speaking in a soft, seductive voice. (Speaking paragraphs are marked with ****)

Gently grab your cock, soft or hard. I want you to place your fingertips on it. Slowly and softly rub it, move your fingertips up and down it, in any direction.

Now I want you to keep doing that. Close your eyes at the end of this paragraph and imagine my soft little hand slowly using my fingertips on your big cock. Teasing you, feeling my semi-long nails to make your cock grow and throb. Start imagining until you’re nice and ready.

Are you rock hard? Good. If you aren’t, repeat the last paragraph until you are.

*How do my fingertips feel on your big hard cock baby? I bet you want me to stroke it don’t you? Want me to wrap both hands around it and jack you off?

Now, place your hand around it and get a nice gentle grip. Slowly and gently move it up and down, don’t go too fast.

Now get ready to close your eyes, imagining my soft little hand finally wrapping around it. Imagine me leaning forward and spitting on it, watching my spit drip from my mouth and chin and onto your cock.

*You like how my little hand feels baby? Slowly stroking you up and down. Your cock is so big in my hand, you’re so thick and hard. I can’t wait to taste you.

If you have precum, use it to lube your fat cock. Stroke a little faster, but not too fast. Keep your same grip. Start twisting your hand as you go up and down it.

Close your eyes, imagine me lifting your big hard cock up and holding my tongue all the way out with my mouth wide open. I give a long slow lick from your balls to the tip, to make you nice and wet. Feeling my soft wet tongue and my breath on your balls and big dick. I place both my hands on it and start stroking you up and down, twisting my soft little hands in opposite directions.

*How does this feel daddy? My little hands feel so good wrapped around your massive cock. You love when I’m a slut for you don’t you baby?

Stroke faster, like you’re ready to cum, but you have to wait until I say.

Get ready to imagine me again.

*You want me to suck your dick don’t you baby? You want my little mouth wrapped around you? To feel how good I am with my wet tongue and my throat?

Get ready to close your eyes and Imagine me. I spit on your cock once more, rubbing it in with my hand. I lift it up and lick all the way up it.

*You like feeling my warm breath and my wet tongue on your big cock don’t you baby?

Stroke faster.

I lower my dress and take my bra off. My perky B sized tits fall out. I lick again, reaching the tip and placing you in my mouth. My mouth is so wet, my spit mixing with your pre-cum, my lips sliding up and down your fat cock.

*Where do you want to cum baby? Choose wisely.

A. Face/Tits
B. Mouth
C. Inside me
D. Feet

Read the paragraph that has the letter that you chose.

A. Stroke as fast as you can. I start sucking you faster, you start thrusting, hitting the back of my throat with each one thrust. You hear me choke, gag and spit all over your big cock. I have both my hands around your long dick, along with my soaking wet mouth that’s dripping spit. Giving you the sloppiest and sluttiest blowjob you’ve ever had. You hear me moan, slurp and choke on you as you get close. You stand up and I start stroking your wet cock as fast as I can, and you explode. I hold my mouth wide open and my tongue far out as your cum hits me, squeezing my tits together so I catch every drop. Rope after rope covering my face and perky little tits.

B. Stroke as fast as you can. You grab my head while I’m sucking your dick and hold it still. You stand up and start plowing my little wet mouth, fucking my slutty face as hard as you can. You watch my spit start dripping out of my mouth while you hear me choke, gag and moan. You start to explode, grabbing the back of my head and shoving your cock down my tight wet throat. Rope after ropes shooting into my mouth and sliding down my throat as I take every drop of you.

C. Stroke as fast as you can. I stand up and drop my thongs to my ankles, lifting up my dress, facing my ass towards you and guiding you inside me as I sit all the way down. You feel the warmth of my soaking wet, tight young pussy. You stretch me as I go down. I start bouncing up and down, you watch my thick ass jiggle as I ride your big hard cock. You start throbbing, so I bounce faster. Rope after rope starts shooting inside of me as I keep riding, making sure to squeeze every drop out of you. I feel the pressure of each rope hit against my walls, and I sit all the way down, letting you fill me up.

D. Stroke as fast as you can. I shove my head down, throating your entire cock and as I pull up I let my spit drip onto it to get you soaked. I lie on my back and hold my cute little feet underneath your cock, letting my white toes rub against your balls. You start stroking faster and faster. You start exploding, your cum shooting onto my cute toes and the tops of my perfect feet. I wait as you squeeze the rest of your drops of cum onto my feet. I lower them and bring them towards my face, licking my own feet and sucking my own toes to get your cum off.

I really hope you enjoyed! Let me know how it went in the comments and what you came to! (:

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