Sex stories

It’s been 5 years..

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It’s been 5 years and you still text me..

When I see a message from you it makes me ache.

You still want me and I still want you.

I can still feel your hands stretching me..

I can still taste your cum on my tongue.

Our sex.. was… astronomical. I still can’t put proper words…

Today I’m thinking of the time you stretched me with your hands in my apartment. You laid me on the bed and put your hand to work on my wet pussy. Making me cum over and over again. I decided to ride you. We settled into a rhythm.. both of our bodies hummed with anticipation. You erupted inside of me.. you left me full of your cum.. we were both a sweaty mess..

We watched a movie and then you bent me over the bed a fucked me doggy style..

My neighbors complained.

I screamed your name over and over.

I begged you not to stop and then you picked up pace, fucking me harder and harder. You wanted me to squirt.. so I blessed you by squirting down my legs. I made a pool on the floor..

I’m thinking of how hard it was to walk the next day.

I’m thinking of you today.. balls deep inside of me.

Yes I miss it too..

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