Sex stories

I’m attracted to my grandmother and want to have sex with her

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My Grandmother is 64, blonde hair, big tits, big ass and really sexy lips. She even has nice feet ngl.

Me and her have always been close. She is very touchy feely with me but not my other 2 brothers. She likes to play with my hair and I’ve gave her foot massages before (she asked for them). We get on really well and my grandpa is 68 but he’s in no shape to be having sex and I feel like she hasn’t been ducked in ages. I also love fucking older women not for looks (It’s not my fetish) but because there experienced so there usually always great at sex. She also wears revealing tops and jeans that make her ass look big.

I genuinely believe I could end up having sex with her because I’m mostly with her than my other 2 brothers and my grandpa is going out of town soon to go see his brother.

I feel like I should try but I need advice on joe I should go about it?

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