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I recommend a professional masseuse for sex any day

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In January 2019 I was looking around on tinder for some interesting people out of my normal dating stereotype. I was trying to meet people with different looks, opinions, goonies, etc. One guy was definitely not my type but incredibly good looking. (Super fit, yoga guy, mountain climber, bearded, masseuse) We mesaaged back and forth and decided to meet at his apartment. There was no real chemistry outside of just friends so I hit him up a week later and asked if he would schedule me for a massage before I flew out to Vegas.

I have never been fond of most massages that I have gotten before. One lady would not stop talking to me about my bodybuilding and the other smelled really funky. Since I knew this guy wasn’t too chatty and smelled good I was actually nervous that I would fall asleep. I undressed and got on the table. He was professional and left the room. He came back with a bottle of water and started working on my back.

When he had finished with my back he asked if I wanted to do my chest. I was so relaxed I didn’t care what he did. When I flipped over I immediately got really turned on locking eyes with him. I mean he was pretty hot and I’m naked under a sheet. He works his way down to my stomach and started putting pressure between my hip bones. I never felt the need to orgasm so much. I apologized because I was being hella obvious that it was turning me on. Plus I knew there was a wet spot on the sheet. I’m… juicy. He laughed and said something along the lines of you must have really liked that. I can do it again if you want. I was trying to be a good person and said no.

He starts working my inner thighs and I’m getting really horny again. I know he knows what he’s doing to me so I decided to say fuck it. I asked him to do my pelvic are again. That time I didn’t hold back and came pretty hard. I really can’t remember much after that except I got off of the table and started kissing him and rubbing his cock through his pants.

He picked me up and took me to his room. I was delighted to see that he was really well endowed but he didn’t fuck me. Instead he went down on me and fingered me until I came two more times. He said I should drink some water because he wasn’t done. I did as he said and he went back down on me. I have never in my life gotten off from someone going down on me and haven’t been so excited to be fingered since I was a teen. It was better than sex.

After I came again he slid in me and moved my limp body around the way he wanted. It wasn’t rough and hard but it wasn’t slow. It was perfect. After a while he came in me but I was too in lust to care. I wasn’t on birth control at the time. I think that made it even hotter because I have a stupid lust for being bred and risky sex. Apparently he wasn’t very concerned, either, because he didn’t ask me if I was.

We laid there for a minute and I was spent. I came too many times to count and I was full of this perfect man’s cum. He was polite and didn’t kill the mood with dumb chatter. He waited for me to drink the rest of the bottle of water and then just asked «can you squirt?» I laughed and said sadly I couldn’t and wish I could. He gets up and goes back down between my legs and starts working inside of me with one hand and pressing the sensitive spot with the other. He told me to stop thinking about the orgasm and to just enjoy the feeling. I managed to sort of relax and stop controlling my legs. Within two minutes I was cumming again and He was coaching me to just let it go. I don’t know if I really squirted or if it was a mix of his cum and mine just coming out in a gush but I could hear and feel a ridiculous amount of wetness.

He seemed really satisfied with what he accomplished and let me use his shower to clean up. He insisted that the massage was on the house but I still left the cash in his living room on the coffee table. He earned every bit of that money and then some. That was our only encounter because I was busy with work travel and he travels a lot to hike but I still keep in touch with him. I told him that he has completely ruined sex forever because I still haven’t gotten off that hard or that many times since.

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