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(F)Mistress Z, the making of a sissy (M)slut (part 3). (Feminization)(sissy)(slave)(humiliation)(chastity)

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Part three
(Writers note: the following is all fiction)

It was Monday morning and I was not ready for the day. I threw on some clothes as I rushed to my classes. Just then my phone dinged. I saw the notification Mistress Z. My heart skips a beat as I realize I put on normal boys underwear and couldn’t go home to change.

.Hi slut my house mates will be gone for the weekend, leaving me the house all to my self and you as my entertainment.
Your instructions for this weekend are as follows.
First you will look in the top draw of your desk I left you a bralette and a pink thong with a bow on it. I want you to have them on underneath your clothing. For your clothing I want you in a loose V-neck vest with the bottom tied into a knot making it a crop top. And for the bottom I want you in the smallest pair of sports shorts, pulled up and tied above your belly button. I expect you to drive here like that. You are to be here by 11am and no later.

“That’s a thirty minute drive”,I thought. “Through traffic”.

I woke up on Friday and was ready. i got out the shower and slipped on my pink thong my bralette and the rest of my clothing. The little shorts I had on where giving me a huge weggie and where pulled up so high you could see my bum from behind. I tied my vest into a crop top and you could see my bralette from the top where the V neck was. I felt very embarrassed. I brushed my long hair and let it all fall down not tying it up. I thought I looked very sexy.

The drive was only about 20 minutes but people stared at me every time we came to a stop. I finally reached Mistress Z’s house. I parked and as I got out of my car one of her house mates was walking to his Uber. I don’t know if he saw me properly but he did whistle before getting in the car. This made me go blood red in the face and I quickly walked to the door.

I knocked and just stood there my ass facing the street. Z opened the door and said
“hello slut. Don’t you look pretty today”.

“Thank you Mistress” I stuttered.

“Come in come in and go to the dinning room slut.

I walked to the dining room where I saw a large towel spread out on the table. next to the towel was a bowl of water a packet of disposable razor blades and clippers. Mistress came up behind me, and with a sting slap to the ass said,”undress quickly slut, I have plans for you”.

I took of all my clothing pretty quickly and was told to go lie down on my back on top of the towel which I did. Mistress Z left the room and came back a few minutes later wearing long black latex gloves thigh high black boots and nothing else. She then said to me that this would be the last time ever that I shave, from now on I was to be waxed once a week, every week.

Mistress then began to apply shaving cream to the little patch on my chest, my underarms and stomach. Once that was all clear she focused on my legs which took forever. She then focused all her attention on my pubic area. She worked my cock slowly making sure to put shaving cream all over my balls, shaft and ass crack. She then began to very expertly shave my balls, pubic area and shaft. She then told me to go into dog position with my ass facing her.

“Spread that ass open slut”.

I reached back and opened my ass as wide as I could. At this point my freshly shaven skin and most evidently my shaved clity had a cool sting due to the breeze blowing in. My duck was rock hard and balls tight. I felt mistress start shaving my ass. She began to spank it and started saying I want this waxed and always clean slut. After she finished she gave me a last spank. She told me to hold the razor and quickly inserted into my ass.

Mistress left the room and returned with the second sized but plug. She looked at me and said I had upgraded to start on bigger things. She quickly inserted into my ass using the soapy water. It stretched and pulled at my ass without enough lube. Once it poped in Mistress let me to the carpet where she made me lie down on my back. She then straddled me in cowgirl and began to fuck my. She told me to have fun and cum as are as I can because she’s on the pill. I was in a confusing bliss. Head spinning ass full and dick in a beautiful tight pussy. Before long I felt mistress grab my balls and pull down. With that I came as had as I could. Load after load I could feel it draining me. My ass tensing against the but plug In me.

Whilst still in a daze and panting from the amazing rush of the orgasm I fell my dick start to shrink down. As I get a grasp of where I am I feel something cold on the base of my balls. I look up as I hear a click and see mistress Z putting a pink chastity cage on my limp dick. She finishes fitting the cage to me and clicks on a small heart shaped lock. I then notice the silver necklace with a heart shaped key on mistress Z.

“This is the last time you will refer to this as a dick or cock. You now have a over sized clit. Your clity will be locked up for as long as I like. It will only be opened for waxing and at my pleasure. No come eat your cum of of me and clean me up slut”.

Once I was done cleaning Mistress Z out. She stood up from may face and said “good girl it’s now time for some exercise. With that she stood up and left to her room. Mistress returned a couple of minutes later wearing a black pair of yoga tights, a black sports bra and a pair of running shoes. She then handed me my bright pink thong, pink socks and a pink dog collar. “Put these on slut” was all she said.

I stood up and first was the collar which fit right around my neck as I clicked it on. Next I pulled the pink thong on. It felt amazing on my smooth legs and I was surprised to see how perfectly my clitty fit into them. Lastly I put the socks on. I then stood at attention with my hands behind my back.

Mistress, then handed me a very small looking pair of white Yoga pants and a pink sports bra to put on. The feeing of the yoga pants being pulled up on my legs had my clity being squeezed in its cage. But it was so good. I was surprised that they fitted me and they hugged my legs and ass tight. The sports bra was also tight around my chest but almost made it seem as though I had very small boobs. Mistress then made me put on running shoes and told me to look at my self in the mirror.

When I saw my self I was shocked and in aww. Dam I looked sexy with my stomach smooth and showing. The only thing that concerned me at this point was that the tough pants I had on where basically see through because of my bright pink underwear and cage. Mistress then said ok it’s time for us to go on a run. I was in shock but did as I told. We left the house and started running. We ran past several groups of people and I could feel the groups of me staring at my ass. Some cat called and others whistle. This not only embarrassed me but turned me on so much. My clitty was trying as hard as it could to break free free to no avail.

After about an hour we arrived home. Mistress then went and sat down on the couch and shouted “get me water slut”. I quickly got her a glass of water and took it to her. “Get on your knees bitch. You are truly a whore running in underwear like that, how does that clitty feel”. She then took a big sip and motioned for me to open my mouth once I did I felt her spit the water into my mouth and said “that’s all you get for now. I’ll get your bowl in a bit”.
Mistress then kicked of her shoes.” It was clear she wasn’t wearing any socks. “Clean my feet bitch, with your tong”. I got to work licking and sucking every one of her toes until she stood up and said “meet me in the shower you have cleaning up to do”.

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