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First Time Sex and First Time Posting here!

Горячие красивые девушки онлайн! Бесплатно.

In college I was focused on my studies, but I didn’t have much luck with women at my University. Online dating helped me meet someone though. I was definitely sexually driven by that point. Our first date, she was extremely late, missed the morning archery date but we made lunch instead and came back to archery later.

We got back to her place and we were hot and heavy, she was short about 5’4”. Making out, playing with each other’s bodies. Talked about pleasures and toys and what we liked and didn’t like.

We made our way to her bed, and we took our clothes off, complete naked and gazing at each other’s bodies. I laid back and she gave me my first blowjob. It felt really good as she sucked and bobbed her head up and down on my hard cock. She took the condom and then put it on my head and rolled it down my shaft with her mouth, a little help with her hands towards the end.

We definitely had some dirty talk, teasing. She straddled me and just grinded her pussy along my length. She was definitely a tease. I laid there playing with her body and it was a while before she slid all the way up towards me until the head of my cock was at her entrance and she slid back down onto my shaft. Oh that warm feeling of her sweet pussy slowly enveloping my hard member got me harder.

She was a moaner and screamer, as she rode me, bouncing up and down. I did my best trying to match my thrusts into her as she gyrated on me. She came on top, and I’m glad she was able to cum easily. It definitely boosted my confidence.

I flipped her onto her back and mounted her, her legs wrapped around me, my arms on either side of her holding me up. I was really hard, and she was really wet. I just had to move my body so the tip was at her hole and thrust into her. I slammed into her hard and fast. Oh it felt so good. I just thought about how good it felt, sliding in and out of her warm juicy pussy, and didn’t really distract myself with anything else. She came a few more times before I finally squirted my warm cum while inside her.

I was exhausted, as was she and we collapsed onto the bed to rest. she was questioning whether it was my first time or not.

In the middle of that same night, I woke up to her grinding her hips into my crotch. My cock was standing at attention already, and I started kissing her the back of her neck and side, nibbling and biting making her moan some more. It was dark, so we funnily fumbled for where the condoms were on her nightstand. But I managed to find it and quickly put it on. I moved her to where she was on her back and entered her. I went slowly at first and savored the warm wet feeling around my cock.

But then I started up faster, slamming and fucking her like you would see in hardcore porn. She was yelping like crazy. I ended up shifting her body and her left leg up so I was straddling her right thigh. I fucked her that way until she came again. I then leaned her leg onto my shoulder and leaned forward and continued fucking her that way until we came together.

She swears that was the best way I fucked her, and I couldn’t replicate that again.

When we woke up, we went at it again. This time she rode me. I was able to see the dim morning light highlighting her sexy body, bouncing up and down. Our hands grasping so she had extra support to push off of. At that point I was impressed with myself for getting hard three times in one night/morning. So I just kept enjoying the experience again. Feeling her cum around my cock. I think she almost flew off the way she was bouncing.

After that she decided to finish me off by sucking me. She spent some time on it and I couldn’t last much longer. I yelled that I was cumming and she stopped sucking and with the wetness from her mouth, she pumped my shaft with her fist and kept going quickly. I grabbed the bed sheets and shot my first load like 3 feet in the air. She kept stroking, and my cock was so sensitive that I was yelling out in deep pleasure, milking me as much as she could. It was about 10 seconds of stroking and cumming spurts of my warm cum. She was impressed that I still had that much more cum in me after the third time.

That was my first day of having sex. Hope you enjoyed!

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