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[FFM] the camping trip (part 4)

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“Good girl, you seem to like to taste me”, Caire said as she turned around, sat on top of me showing me her ass and pussy. “Now, you can close your eyes or look at my pussy, whatever you like. Just enjoy”, as she said that she stuck two fingers inside me and finger fucked the world out of me…

I closed my eyes and felt her fingers filling out my wet cunt. It felt like a forbidden fruit but it was so good. I muffled something, she kept going. I spread my legs for her so she could reach deep down. Claire massaged me from the inside with two fingers and knew exactly the spots you had to touch. I never had this intimate feeling with a guy. It was always trial and error with them but she seemed to know exactly what I wanted. I opened my eyes and saw her bending over so I could see her pussy and asshole right in front of me. I noticed them twitching. My moaning and wetness must had made her hornier than ever.

I knew that Claire said she were in charge, but by the sight of her shaved lips I couldn’t resist. I lifted my head and was happy she’s chosen the 69 position. I always liked this position. Usually it was the other way around with guys. I was in top and they were under me. I took the panties out of my mouth…

As I touched her pearl with my tongue I realized that she stopped fingering me but her two fingers rested inside of my pussy as they were waiting for the approval to go ahead with whatever they were doing before.
I touched her clit softly and circled my tongue around it in a slow motion. Her fingers bended inside my pussy and pressed on my g-spot. I quivered and that sensation made me
Lick her even faster and determined. I used my whole tongue to let it slide from the bottom of Claire’s clit upwards to her fuck hole which I greater with pushing my tongue inside it.

Claire didn’t say anything. She slid her hips further towards my face and sat down on my tongue. My face was buried by her pussy juices. She smelled and tasted like heaven — I couldn’t get enough of it. My nose touched her perineum and the edge of her anus. Even that smelled gorgeous — it was because of my never ending excitement.

“You didn’t obey me, you put the panties out of your mouth, didn’t stand still and licked my cunt” I heard her moaning “if you don’t want to be pleased then I’ll face fuck you.”
She pressed her bottom further onto my face burying my mouth on her labia and my nose on her anus. I shivered as I inhaled her scents and spread my legs widely apart not thinking about it.

I felt her moving slowly up and down my face, rubbing her hole on my mouth and tongue “stick your tongue out”, she demanded “and whenever my hole is above your tongue fill me deep with it.” I did, she moaned. She was in agony and her rhythm got faster, her movements uncontrollable, the range of her bottom touching my mouth didn’t stop when her pussy pressend on my tongue, but she wanted me to lick her butthole as well. I don’t hesitate. As I tongued her anus she let herself glide further back. I couldn’t reach her pussy anymore but concentrated fully on her second hole. She tilted her head back, grinned at me “keep going, I’m coming”, she said in ecstasy and rubbed her clit with her fingers. Her moaning got more intense, her bottom was twitching and wet. I was in my element and loved to please her. I wouldn’t have thought that this camping trip would be that dirty and I would experience my lesbian side, but I loved it. Pleasing a woman is different but so hot.

Claire was shaking, her body trembling and covered with sweat. She was moaning and breathing hard. She let go of me. Sat next to me and brushed through her hair with her hand. “That was incredible”, she groaned smilingly. “You were incredible. Your tongue, oh my…”, her hand still resting on her pussy. “I’m so sensitive right now. My pussy is still twitching”, she laughed.

We were both lying next to each other, still naked, not knowing what just happened and what will happen. “So, you must be dying to cum, too”, she assumed grinning. I laughed at her softly and blushed, “honestly, yes I would love you to make me cum. However you want to do it.”

I heard the zipper of our tent moving and unzipping the ‘door’. Without any warning I could see James head poking through the little hole. He wanted to say something but then just observed us and tried to get fathom what he was seeing. He caught his breath and stammered, “I …ah…I thought I heard you screaming.“ Claire and I laughed.

„You said you want to cum, however I want to do it“, Claire whispered in my ear and James couldn’t possibly hear it. I just nodded.

„Do you want to join us?“, Claire asked in James direction. It took him some seconds to unzip the door completely and let himself in. The air was humid and it felt nice to have the door open for a bit.
„James“, I said „to get inside you need to strip naked, we are naked, don’t you think you should be too?“ He blushed…

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