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Erotic Story Teller

Горячие красивые девушки онлайн! Бесплатно.

I tell erotic stories with my sultry voice. So if you like sexy stories , while you explore fantasy and kink all from the privacy of your bedroom…This is for you. I will bring you new material every few days.I dont care what you do while you listen … I just want you to share with me. I want to know your desires — it will give me only great new ideas. We will cover all topics and some special requests from my fans. I take requests …I take gifts ….I take you to places you have always wanted to go . its between you and me … I wont tell. [https://flow.page/hypnoticgoddess](https://flow.page/hypnoticgoddess?fbclid=IwAR3-WpQzIeV64hYGvoQoL2yY3v5Bk5m6C2LIjXczwBCY_QTjhnxP_zEYnvg)

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