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Breaking the lockdown drought part 2

Горячие красивые девушки онлайн! Бесплатно.

Settling in the lounge, giggling about his grand entrance and catching up, nuzzled into his shoulder he softly kissed my forehead, before turning my face to his to kiss me.

I love kissing, the rampant teenage handsy kissing usually reserved for dark corners at parties or the back of the cinema.

There is a deliciousness to groping over clothes, that sense of anticipation, the will we/won’t we, taking the initiative and making a move….

I shot him the «I’m going to undo your jeans» look, and he kindly obliged by shuffling lower on the couch to release the tension on his belt.
I could see and feel his cock straining, desperate to be released. Him now with his hands cupping my full breasts, pinching my nipples through my dress as I freed him of his jeans.
Precum dropped from the tip, running my palm over it, I slowly stroked the shaft, it was so hard in my hand already.
Kissing getting less frantic teen and more intense now as my stroke gets firmer.
My dress is unzipped and my bra straps and down my shoulders now, my nipples are hard and sensitive after the pinching.

Nibbling and sucking on my nipples, my free hand playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, while my strokes get faster. I nuzzle in to his ear and whisper
«sit back for me»
And he leans back into the chair, as I lean into his lap.

I take the thick head of his cock onto my mouth, still stroking and run my tongue all over it.
He strokes my hair, and runs his hand down my back, pulls me in a little closer so he can play with my tits while I suck his throbbing cock.

He pinches harder the closet he gets, I edge him three times, until I finally feel him twitching and bucking his hips into my mouth… The cum is hot, thick and abundant, like he’s been saving it up for months for me to take.
I keep him in my mouth until the twitching stops, sucking gently, milking it out of him.

I hear a contented groan, followed by «fucking hell» and a laugh.
He ruffles my hair and says «let’s go to bed…. I think that’s enough of a show for the neighbours….» pointing to the open curtains 😉


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