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Bittersweet — Chapter 6

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The next morning after Storytime and Becky’s «Sleep Over» was a sight to behold. I was the first to wake up. Aimee had eventually turned toward me during the night and had her head resting on my chest and curled almost on top of me. Ashlee was spooned up to Becky with both her arm and leg draped over Becky. The room smelled of sex. Then realization hit me. I had three beautiful, naked ladies laying in bed with me and we had just spent the entire night in a sex induced haze. I didn’t want to get up, but nature called. I headed to the bathroom to relieve myself and then out to the kitchen to make a strong pot of coffee. I slipped on my usual pair of athletic shorts before heading out to the kitchen.

I started the coffee, turned on some music and made my hangover cure for the girls. It consisted of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee strong enough to wake the dead. While I was putting dishes away from the night before, Ashlee and Becky came out of the bedroom. Ashlee was topless with a micro Thong on and Becky was as naked as she was the day she was born. Both ladies sat down at the bar. I poured each of them a cup of coffee and each of them dished up some breakfast. We were all chatting when Aimee came out of the bedroom. She was wearing just her sheer nightie that I was in love with, which left nothing to the imagination. Of the three girls, I think Becky fared the best from the previous night. A half case of wine will have an effect on most people. As we all ate breakfast, Ashlee said she had an important question to ask Aimee and I. I asked her what was on her mind. I thought that it might be about me fucking Becky last night. Maybe I had taken it too far. But no, that wasn’t even close. Ashlee grabbed Becky’s hand and asked us if Becky could move in with us? Ashlee said that her and Becky wanted to move into the spare bedroom; that they wanted to try being a couple. I walked around the bar and put my arms around Ashlee and said that if that is what you want, then of course it was ok with me. Remember, that was one of the two conditions I set before we ventured down this path of Polyamory. Aimee also got up and hugged Ashlee. Aimee said that it was fine with her and that she was so very happy for them both. I then looked at Becky and asked her if Barry and Kara knew about this yet. She said no. She wasn’t sure how they would take it. I told her that she needed to tell them before she moved in. We didn’t keep secrets in this family and that now included her. I thought she was going to cry to was so happy. Becky really thought that we would say no.

So, once Becky broke the news to Barry and Kara, she did move in with us. We did a sit down and redid our budget. Everyone contributed to the finances so there was no reason for any jealously to set in about money. As October went along, we all decided on themed Halloween costumes for the four of us. We were going to go as the late 1970’s Charlie’s Angels with me dressing as Bosley. Becky and Ashlee put all the costumes together from clothes found at Ashlee’s second hand clothing store she worked. And I will admit, they did a great job with the costumes because we looked just like the pictures we pulled up online for the show. Complete with 70’s hair styles for the girls and myself. Ever since Becky had moved in, it has been just Aimee and I in the master bedroom most nights; with Ashlee and Becky together in the spare bedroom. However, we did have several nights of «mixed doubles» over the course of the last month. The night before the party, Amiee and I were making dinner when Ashlee came in without Becky. I asked where Becky was. Ashlee said she was breaking the news to Barry and Kara. That stopped Aimee and I dead in our tracks. I asked what news? Ashlee said that Becky and her were going to go, in her words, «Explore the World». Aimee didn’t understand what Ashlee meant; but, I did. Ashlee said that they wanted to travel and live city to city. Becky had come into a large sum of money from a family member and she said that she wanted to travel the world and she wanted Ashlee to come with her. Aimee burst into tears and ran and hugged Ashlee. I came up after her and hugged them both. Ashlee said that they would be leaving soon after the Halloween party. So, after dinner and a lot of tears from both girls, we went to bed together one last time for the foreseeable future. So, we took our time with each other. I think we spent well over an hour just kissing and touching. Ashlee and Aimee got into their favorite position, 69; with Aimee on top. Both girls began to lick and suck each other and both were moaning very loudly in no time. As soon as I heard both girls cum, I got in between Ashlee’s legs, and slid my cock inside her pussy very slowly. Once I bottomed out, I stayed still enjoying the feel of Ashlee’s pussy knowing that we would not see her again for quite some time. Then, as Aimee brought her to another orgasm, I started to rock back and forth inside Ashlee. I stayed slow and steady until I felt Ashlee cum again. Then, I picked up speed and fucked her as hard as I could. I finally felt that familiar feeling building up in my balls. I knew I was going to cum any time now. So, as soon as I felt Ashlee begin to orgasm, I slammed all the way inside her pussy and blew load after load of cum deep into Ashlee as she screamed into Aimee’s pussy. We all fell onto the bed and fell asleep curled up in each other’s arms, and legs.

The next day, I was woken up by someone sucking my cock. As I opened my eyes, I saw the familiar site of Ashlee going down on me. Once I was nice and hard, she climbed on top of me and began a nice slow fuck. Ashlee bent down and told me how grateful she was for everything I did for her. I simply said your welcome and that I was so glad she gave me the chance to help her. And, I also added that she will always have a home with us to come back to either for a visit, or once her and Becky are done traveling the world. We then began to kiss deeply while we continued to fuck. Aimee woke up and joined in our kissing. As Aimee and Ashlee kissed and touched, I felt Ashlee tense up and I knew she was about to cum. So, I picked up the pace and we both came together. Ashlee collapsed on top of me and Aimee curled up beside us. We just laid there and enjoyed the moment. By the time we got up and about, Becky had returned and we all got ready for the party. It took a few hours for the girls to get ready and get their hair and makeup down. Once everyone was ready, we piled into my car and off we went. Once at the party, I realized that Becky was not kidding. Security was tight. No one was allowed in without an invite directly for our hosts. Inside was decorated all over and the music was thumping. We stayed together as a group until the costume contest was held. They had almost 40 entries for the contest. By audience vote, we made it into the top three. They had the finalists all come up on stage for final voting. We were ready for this and had practiced out posing. We wanted to look just like the Charlie’s Angels logo. We struck our pose and held it as the crowd went wild. It was close, but in the end, we were declared the winners. Each of us got a $100 bill. Once the contest was over, we lost track of Ashlee and Becky. Aimee had me lean down and she whispered into my ear begging me to not leave her alone. I promised that I would not. We laughed, drank and danced the night away. Once 2 am hit, our hosts stopped the music and told everyone who was not there for the next part of the party, should leave now. At this point, Ashlee and Becky found us and I asked Becky if we needed to leave. She said absolutely not. We would love what cums next and winked at me. The crowd thinned out to about 50 or so guests. The doors were closed and the music started back up. Free drinks were handed out to everyone and were consumed pretty quickly. I started to feel a euphoric feeling in my head. The lights were brighter, the music was intense as we danced. I began to look around and realized that people were shedding their clothes. Ashlee and Becky were stripping as well. Aimee leaned into me again and said she was feeling funny. I then realized that the drinks were spiked with something. And, knowing Aimee’s past, I asked her if she wanted to leave. She said no, but made my promise again not to leave her side. I swore I would not. After only 30 minutes, the entire dance floor had turned in an orgy. Everywhere you looked were people having sex in groups of two, three or more. Aimee, Ashlee, Becky and I were all together at the start of this orgy. Kissing, touching, licking, and fucking. But, the drug was having its effect on me. I was on my back and Aimee and I were deeply kissing. I could have sworn that every time I looked down towards my cock, I had a different girl riding me. Then, I felt Aimee start to leave me. When I looked over at her, I saw that it was a strange guy pulling her away. I sobered up like a bullet shot out of a gun. I refused to let go of her arm and got to my feet. Aimee was crying and yelling at him to let go. I then placed myself between Aimee and him and told him to stop. He was, of course, blasted out of his mind and went from friendly to asshole in 2.9 seconds. He dropped his grip on Aimee’s arm and I took full advantage. Six years of Judo kicked in and I grabbed his arm and pulled down, hit him with a hip check and swept his foot out from under him. He hit the dance floor so hard he went limp and passed clean, cold out. As soon as this happened, I grabbed Aimee and we found a corner to wait out the drugs in out system. I was sitting down with my back to the wall. Aimee was in my lap, arms wrapped around me, head on my shoulder and was crying her eyes out. I got her calmed down and as softly as I could, I placed my hands on both side of her face, and kissed her; deeply. I then made her look directly into my eyes, asked her if she could hear me. She said yes, she could hear me. I said, «Aimee, I Love You. I will never let you go.» She was shocked to her core because this was the first time I had said those words to her, especially the «L» word. We hugged and kissed and made love for the first time, in a room full of people having an orgy. So, it was a bittersweet night. Bitter, because it was the last night we would be with Ashlee. But also Sweet, because I finally realized I loved Aimee and was excited to see where this would take us.

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