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A Tale of Two Sisters: PART I

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It was rather generous of my friend to let me crash at her place while I visited, more than I imagined she would allow me, especially given our history. Last time she visited me, she begged me to fuck her, and was met with my rejection of her advances, followed by me stroking my cock over her face, and leaving a mess all over, without even giving her a taste. It was a strange period of my life during which that encounter had occurred, and the weeks following were not much better. I enjoyed turning her into my own personal submissive little cock hungry slut, getting her to send me lewds whenever I pleased, and degrading her, making her watch whilst I stroked my cock to pictures of her sisters instead. Suffice it to say, I was surprised she still wanted anything to do with me.

The first evening I stayed was civil, and she was a lovely host. She cooked me a delicious dinner, and we sat by her heater in the lounge and chatted for a while. I laughed off her flirtatious comments initially, until she, now a little intoxicated, became a little aggressive about why I masturbated to her sisters instead of her. Trying to a polite house guest, I attempted to de-escalate the tension, however her detailed recounts of how I had made her watch me stroke my cock and cum on pictures of her sisters, had awoken the beast within. Feeling my cock swell and stretch my underwear, I stood up, and told her I was not in the mood for this fight with her, but that I was going to the room she had made for me, to jerk off to her sisters. Closing the door behind me, I jumped into bed, with a jolt of guilt now kicking in. She had been such a gracious host, and I wasn’t sure if she was just drunk, or actually upset at me. The guilt had killed my erection, so I decided to get changed and sleep it off.

Morning came, and given I was on holidays, I decided to sleep in. The weather being so hot however, and the window facing the morning sun, I was soon too warm to stay asleep. Being such a comfortable bed, and laying under the sheets in just my sleeping shorts, and the vague memories of what had occurred the night before had me feeling a little dirty. I checked my phone and saw it was nearly 11am; it had been quite a sleep in. I wasn’t sure whether my friend was still home or not, but I definitely felt in the mood to just laze in bed and jerk off for a while. I thought I’d be a bit adventurous, and opened the door and walked out into the hallway wearing just my shorts, now quite tented with my morning wood. The house felt quiet, and I could see her bedroom door was slightly ajar down the hall, her bed made, and with no signs of movement beyond. I walked to the kitchen and found a note she had let me, “Gone to lectures, be back later. There’s food in the fridge. Have a nice day!” Once again, this reminded me of what a gracious host she was being, but also perhaps indicated she wasn’t hung up on our argument the previous evening.

I made my way back into bed, making sure to leave my door open, whipped off my shorts, and opened up my laptop. I made sure to position myself in a way that anyone walking past the door wouldn’t miss the mischief I was up to. I wanted her to catch me jerking off in her house when she got home from her lectures. After scrolling through lewd subreddits and stroking myself for about half an hour, I had worked myself up into quite the filthy mood. I decided to open up videos saved on my laptop, of me making a mess on my friends face, whilst also having a tab open with her younger sisters Instagram page. I found a picture of her 18 year old sister in a dark blue polka dot bikini top, barely holding in her huge tits, tongue out, ready for my cock. I stroked furiously, feeling filthy at watching my video of giving my friend a facial, whilst having a thirst trap picture of her little sister, laying naked in her bed, thrusting my throbbing cock up into my hand, grunting and moaning loudly, all with the door open, ready for her to walk in on me.

Suddenly, there was a noise at the door; my fantasy was coming true. I went quiet at this, wanting to pretend I hadn’t heard her get back home, but continuing to stroke my cock, and making sure me and also the laptop screen was in clear view from the hallway. The clinking of keys was followed by an audible thud of the closing door behind her, and then by footsteps heading towards her room, past my open door. My heart was thumping with excitement, ready to be caught being the filthy perve that I am. The footsteps neared my door, and slowed to a halt, followed by a voice mumbling, “That’s weird. Hello..?” I was a little confused myself, as I didn’t recognise the voice, subconsciously slowing my stroking, and feeling my cock twitch in my grip at the reduced attention, waiting in anticipation as to what was about to happen. The footsteps shuffled forward, as I noticed the cautious movements at the door, followed by a young girls face peeking around the door. I froze, as my eyes met with the gaze of a young curious blonde with curly shoulder length hair; it was her younger sister, Izzy.

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