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A Shared Interest Pt. 3 [Consensual] [Humiliation] [Emotional Cuckolding]

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I know this story isn’t for everyone. It’s super weird and a bit different but I hope some people find enjoyment in it none-the-less. Comments/Ideas appreciated and welcome!

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By the time I had arrived at Samantha’s place, the party was already in full swing. The place was filled with many of our friends and acquaintances and a few friends of friends I didn’t recognize. I grabbed a drink from the kitchen saying hello to a couple people before making my way to the living room. The furniture had been pushed out to the edges of the area creating a makeshift dance floor. And there in the center was Samantha. My jaw dropped from how slutty she looked.

She wore a slinky red top with a neckline that plunged down to show off what little cleavage she had, a very short black skirt that lifted into the air and gave peeks at her panties as she danced, and a pair of black boots that drew your attention to her perfectly shaped legs.

When she saw me standing off to the side watching her in awe, Samantha’s eyes went wide and she half-ran, half-stumbled over to me with a huge smile plastered on her face.

“Hey!” she said throwing her arms around me and giving me a very drunken hug and kiss on the cheek, only barely missing my lips. She pulled away and her brown eyes tried to focus on mine, her arms still wrapped around my neck. “I’m so glad to see you and so happy you’re here.”

“Uh, glad to you see you, too. Happy Birthday,” I said holding up her present. Her eyes lit up and she grabbed my hand in hers, pulling me away from everyone and toward her bedroom.

“Come on, I’m going to open it now away from everyone else.”

When we got into her bedroom, she shut the door behind us, drowning out the sounds of the party. She stretched her arms far above her head and gave a cute squeak. I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks for a moment before she turned around still stretching, my eyes now locked on the hidden apex of her thighs. She dropped her arms and grinned, noticing where my gaze was concentrated. If only she knew that I knew exactly what she looked like under that skirt, that I could picture her naked sex in front of my eyes.

“Gimme,” Samantha said, holding out her hand. I handed over her present and she unwrapped it. It was a necklace in the shape of an octopus, her favorite animal. “Oh my god, I love it!”

Samantha again ran over to me, giving me another huge hug, pressing her body into mine for what felt like an extended amount of time. When she broke away and stepped back, she put the necklace on.

“How does it look?” she said, pulling her shirt open a bit to show off the necklace. I saw the edges of her perky breasts peeking out. She looked up at me and tugged open her shirt a little more, biting her lip. I saw more and more of her pale flesh, until just the slightest bit of chestnut brown began to come in. “You’ve always been so great to me…” She let go of her shirt and strutted past me back to the door. “Come on, let’s back to the party… for now.”

Completely and utterly confused, I stood there a moment after she exited and then headed back out and nearly ran right into Tina who was headed my way. She immediately grabbed me and yanked me past Samantha’s room toward the private bathroom. She shoved me in and then closed and locked the door behind us.

“What were you doing?” she said, trying to hide the bit of edge in her voice as she shoved up against me, running her hands over my chest.

“Nothing…” I stammered. “Just giving Samantha her birthday present.”

“I see,” Tina said. She paused for a moment, searching my eyes before trying to unbuckle my belt. “I want to suck you off in her bathroom. You can leave your cum in her wastebasket!”

“What?” I grabbed Tina’s hand in mine, stopping her. “We can’t do that! Not here. What if we get caught?”

“So?” Tina said stepping away. “Makes it even better. Come on, forget the blowjob. I’ll fuck you, right now. I want your cum.”

“What has gotten into you? Is there something in the drinks tonight? First Samantha is acting really flirty—”

“She is?” Tina said, crossing her arms. She looked off to the side, shaking her head. “Ugh. She’s going to do it then.”

“Do what?”

“She wants to fuck you tonight.”

I nearly fell over. Samantha wanted to fuck me? Normally I’d feel ecstatic about something like that but part of me felt somewhat odd, anxious, unsure about it. “She… what?”

“It’s so stupid. She wants to lose her virginity and she said she wants to give it to you because you’re, like, the closest not-boyfriend, boyfriend she’s had.”

“Holy shit. That’s… holy fuck.”

“You’re not going to though, right?” Tina looked at me with angry eyes and I stared back at her like she was crazy. “You can’t. You’re not fucking her.”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because… Ugh! Just fucking forget it!” Tina threw her arms down and stormed out of the bathroom. I was completely flabbergasted but ultimately, it didn’t matter. If what she said was true, I actually had a chance with Samantha, and like hell I was going to pass that up.

For the rest of the party, Tina and I barely spoke to each other. Instead, I spent most of the night around Samantha. Not even entirely by my own doing. Samantha stuck to me, one arm around my waist at times, dancing with me, sitting in my lap when we were chilling on the couch. She was being incredibly affectionate and flirtatious, giving even more credulity to what Tina said.

For her part, Tina was busy flirting with guy after guy until finally settling on a tall, very good looking one with blonde hair. We both tried to pretend we weren’t eyeing the other throughout the night, but it was obvious we were. And once she locked onto that one guy, I actually felt a twinge of jealousy.

Eventually, the night wound down and people started funneling out. Not me though. There was no way I was going to leave. However, neither was Tina apparently. Or her new friend, who was apparently named Trevor. At the end of the night, it was just the four of us left, and while Trevor and I sat in the living room, Tina and Samantha were getting another round of drinks. I saw Samantha whispering to Tina as they walked back and Tina looking my way, a smile forming on her lips.

Samantha handed me my drink and Tina gave one to Trevor before saying, “Let’s play a game. Spin the bottle.”

“Fun!” Samantha said, nudging me with her shoulder.

“With two dudes? I don’t think so,” Trevor said, though his eyes were all over Samantha. I could see him undressing her with his eyes. “I don’t swing that way.”

“Okay, how about we add in a twist. If one of the two don’t want to kiss, then they have to do a truth or dare. I think that’s fair.” Trevor still looked unsure, but Tina leaned over to whisper something in his ear and he agreed to the terms.

“Yay!” Samantha said, grabbing a nearby empty bottle and placing it on the floor between us. “I’ll go first!”

Samantha gave the bottle a spin. It landed on me. Heart pounding in my chest, we leaned toward each other and had our first real kiss. We pressed out lips together. The first spin only technically supposed to be a peck, but we held for longer, lips parting briefly before pulling away. I got to spin next and as if by fate landed on Samantha again. This time we upgraded our kiss, lips parting, making out a bit. Admittedly, I was nervous as hell. I was making out with Samantha, a dream I’d had for so long. But that nervous translated to awkwardness and when we separated, it was obvious my kissing skills were less than impressive to her.

The next spin had Samantha landing on Tina, and Trevor sat up in excitement. Tina clearly wanted to skip over the peck and give us a show, but barely a few seconds in, Samantha pulled away giggling drunkenly. When Tina spun, she landed on Trevor. Tina gave me a quick look before she leaned toward Trevor, a hint of malice in her eyes. They started kissing and Samantha was still smiling and giggling, but she quickly stopped as their kiss continued. Both her and I watched in rapt attention as Tina and Trevor made out, the smacking of their lips, tongues in each other’s mouths, making for an erotic sight. I heard Samantha whisper, “Wow,” next to me.

When Trevor spun, he landed on me and naturally he was offered a truth or dare. He took dare, and before the rest of us could say anything, Tina jumped in and said, “I dare you two to make out!” pointing to Trevor and Samantha. “But you have to sit in his lap.”

“That’s not really a dare for Trevor so much as Samantha,” I objected, staring down Tina. I could see anger burning in her eyes at my comment. “Seems a little unfair.”

“It’s okay,” Samantha said a little too quickly. “I’ll do it.”

Biting her lip, Samantha crawled over and onto Trevor’s lap. Tina scrambled over to sit next to me, saying she wanted to get a good look at the action. She wrapped her arms around Trevor’s neck and he placed his hands on her lower back. They leaned in and started kissing. Unlike me, Trevor was all confidence but even compared to his kiss with Tina this was completely next level. After barely a moment of a lip lock, they started to get more and more passionate. Within seconds, they were breathing heavily through their noses, mouths smashed together, their tongues shoved deep into each other’s mouths. Samantha sat up a little, giving herself a better angle and also allowing Trevor’s hands to slide down from her lower back onto her ass. I could hear a gentle moan coming from Samantha’s throat as he massaged her flat butt in his hands. I felt my dick twitch in my pants.

“Now that’s a kiss,” Tina said, a smarmy smile on her face.

They finally pulled apart needing air and Samantha slid off his lap, clearly aflutter. With Tina repositioned near me, Samantha now ended up sitting next to Trevor. The two girls had essentially switched spots, and it wasn’t lost on me that Tina probably did this on purpose. Since the bottle had landed on me, it was technically my spin. I desperately tried to will the bottle to land on Samantha again wanting to prove myself after my sad display and Trevor’s far superior one. Instead, it landed on Trevor.

“Truth,” I said.

Again, Tina jumped in, vindictiveness dripping from her voice. “How big is your dick?”

I gaped at her. She had me trapped. She’d know if I lied, and if I did lie, she’d challenge me, making me have to prove it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Samantha finally paying attention to me again, after having her focus almost entirely on Trevor since their kiss. In that moment, maybe she remembered she wanted to fuck me that night. I saw her eyes light up and a smile slide onto her face.

“Four inches.”

Samantha’s face fell… and my dick grew in my pants, getting even harder at Samantha’s disappointment.

Before we could delve too far into it, Trevor tried to spare me by grabbing and spinning the bottle. At least, I thought that’s what was happening. When the bottle landed on me and he said truth, well, the real truth became clear.

“How big is your dick?” Tina said in a singsong voice.

Trevor grinned and Samantha snapped her attention back to him when he said, “10 inches.”

“Challenge!” Tina said excitedly.

“I’m a little hard already from my kiss with this hottie, so it might seem even bigger.”

Trevor stood up. He was right next to Samantha with her pretty face turned up to look at him as he unzipped his pants and tugged them down. His massive, thick slab of cockmeat fell out and hung down, inches away from Samantha’s face. I saw her eyes widen and jaw drop in awe at his impressive package. I had the image of her sitting up and opening her mouth, allowing the massive member to slide into her mouth and down her throat like she was swallowing a sword. Precum leaked into my underwear.

Her hand twitched and she almost reached up to touch it before catching herself. For a moment we all just stared at his monster cock. Wanting to break Samantha’s attention away, I spun the bottle again, and this time it landed on her. With a sigh of relief, I called out her name, having to do it twice before she broke her gaze. Samantha looked at me confused, her drunk eyes swimming. I pointed to the bottle and she looked down at it before turning her eyes back to me. Breathing heavily, she kept her eyes on me for a second before she turned to look at Trevor’s cock again, which was still out, and then back at me. “I… I’ll take a dare.”

“I dare you to blow him,” Tina said without zero hesitation.

Trevor grinned and grabbed the base of his cock, holding it up and out and bent his knees slightly. His cock stuck out like a battering ram ready to beat down the door to Samantha’s virgin mouth. Samantha sat up and leaned her face toward his cock, lips parting, when she suddenly stopped. “I can’t do that here in front of you guys.”

“Do it in your bedroom,” Tina said excitedly. Samantha turned back to Trevor’s dick, her drunken mind clearly captivated and hypnotized by it. She nodded getting up. “Go ahead. We’ll be fine out here.”

In a daze, Samantha walked to her bedroom and Trevor followed, dropping his pants and pulling off his shirt along the way. I heard the door click shut behind them. I turned toward Tina, read to rage at her, but she immediately lunged at me, kissing me aggressively and dropping her hand to the small tent in my pants. When she saw how aroused I was, she kissed me harder, more deeply and passionately, more intense that she kissed Trevor.

“I knew you’d understand this was better,” she said pushing me down onto my back and working at my pants. She yanked them off and tore off my shirt, leaving me naked. She quickly dropped her dress. Her phone started vibrating and she reached over to grab it, propping it up next to us before answering. As the screen came to life, a video call coming in, she climbed into my lap. “Good, he’s actually doing it.”

On screen was Samantha, head bobbing up and down and lips stretched wide around Trevor’s fat cock. Tina sat down onto my cock, sinking the scant few inches into herself with a moan from both of us. She began to ride me as we both watched as Samantha choked herself onto Trevor’s cock. Despite her inexperience she was making up for it with gusto, rapidly plunging her mouth onto him.

“Fucking knew she’d look so hot like this,” Tina said panting. “God, look at her lips around that cock. She needed a cock like that. I fucking told you. She needs a big fucking dick to really fit those wide sexy lips of hers.”

On the screen, Samantha shoved her face down over and over again. She forced herself further, a few inches of his cock sinking into her throat before she pulled up coughing. She tried again, getting more into her throat, her esophagus stretching on camera. “See? She wants it in her throat so bad. You’d never be able to give her that. Never. Oh oh fuck!” Tina came, already hitting her apex, but despite her orgasm she kept going, bouncing up and down frantically on top of me, seeking more.

Grabbing Samantha, Trevor lifted her up and we saw that she was already naked. Her body was exactly as Tina had described, except this time, it wasn’t in my mind. It was live and on screen. She laid back on her bed and spread her thick thighs, giving the camera a good view of her wet snatch. Trevor climbed between her legs and lined himself up, slowly pushing just the tip of his fat dick into her, her folds separating around his invading member.

“Yes yes yes! Fucking yes! He’s going to fuck her!” Tina screamed her bucking going wild. “He’s going to pop her cherry. Her first time is going to be with big cock and not your tiny dick. Oh god, do it do it do it!”

We heard Samantha cry out in passion from through her bedroom door as on camera Trevor thrust forward and fucked his big cock into her cunt. Tina came for the second time. Trevor started pumping his hips back and forth, stretching Samantha wide open as his massive cock sank deeper into her hole. After a few thrusts, he was buried all the way into her. They started fucking wantonly, Samantha groaning and screaming in pleasure, Trevor slamming his hips into her, flesh slapping together. We saw her cum on camera, her legs twitching before wrapping around his waist. It was a surreal moment, watching the exact thing Tina and I talked about so many times happening in real life.

“This is how she should get fucked. With a big fucking dick. God it’s so hot. Samantha and a big cock. Ooohhh! Can you imagine if she wasted her cherry on you? Say it, tell me how hot is.”

Tina and I had turned away from the screen to look into each other’s eyes as we fucked. We couldn’t see Samantha and Trevor but we could still hear them. The banging of the headboard and Samantha’s cries of pleasure echoing all the way to the living room.

“It’s so hot,” I finally said, making Tina moan. “She looks so hot getting fucked by a big thick cock and not my tiny dick. It’s so much better than if she just fucked me. Samantha always belonged with a fat fucking dick.”

When Tina came for the third time, I finally exploded inside of her, emptying my cum into her spasming cunt. She collapsed on top of me and we lay together, listening to the sounds of Samantha’s continued fucking.

Trevor lasted far longer than I did. While lying together, Tina and I would turn back to the screen to watch their coupling some more. They fucked for hours, getting into new positions. Samantha on her hands and knees, her riding on top of him. He finally came inside of her while they were fucking on the floor. Their aggressive thrusting knocked over the phone at one point and the screen went dark, but we heard them both crying out in joy when he finally filled her cunt with his seed.

It was only half an hour when they started back up again, and although we couldn’t see them, we could still hear them. Tina and I had sex again one more time listening to their coupling, both of us getting off on Samantha’s enjoying getting her pussy stretched open by Trevor’s big cock. When we eventually left, almost four hours later, Samantha was still getting fucked in her bedroom.

A few weeks later, Tina and I were at my place again having sex after a dinner date out. We had a great dinner and watched tv cuddling on the couch, but once we were in the bedroom, things always turned back to Samantha. We fucked wildly while talking about her, all our theoreticals from before having become reality. After that first night together, Trevor and Samantha kept seeing each other. From what Tina told me, they fucked regularly and Samantha couldn’t get enough of his big cock. She told Tina everything, well almost everything, and Tina often relayed that information back to me.

“She can deepthroat him all the way now,” she’d tell me while going down on my own cock. She was easily able to talk around my small size and enjoyed doing it, rubbing in that Samantha wouldn’t be able to do anything close to it with Trevor. “Last night, she hung her head over the side of the bed and let him fuck her face. She said it was really hard but she loved the feeling of his cock stretching her throat. We can do that if you want but it’d be a lot easier for me.”

“He wants to fuck her ass,” she told me during another occasion. “She’s worried because he’s so big but I told her she should try it. I love the idea of that flat ass of her getting pounded by a fat dick. She doesn’t have anything back there so he’d get all of that thick fuckmeat into her. Fuck!”

However, there was something new that entered into our nights together, a new type of dirty talk. I was on top of her, her legs spread and wrapped around me while she said, “This fucking tiny dick is all mine. Mmm… Samantha’s got a big, thick cock for herself but I’ve got your small cock all to myself. She’s too fucking loose for you now anyway. Unngh fuck yes! I’m so glad she didn’t fuck you. She’ll never know what your dick is like. You’re never going to get to fuck her. You’ll never have the chance!”

A touch of guilt washed over me because that wasn’t technically true. I never told Tina this, but a few days ago, Samantha had invited me over to her place. After I knocked and she told me to come in, I opened to door and found her in the living room, completely naked except for the octopus necklace I had gotten her. I was speechless and confused over what was happening but my eyes wandered over her body. Everything looked exactly the same as before, exactly like Tina had described it and I had finally seen on camera a few weeks previously, except for one detail. Samantha’s mound was shaved completely bare. My assumption was that Trevor must have preferred it that way.

“Take off your clothes,” Samantha said after a moment. I stood motionless trying to stammer a question out when she continued, walking over to me with a sway in her hips. “I had wanted to sleep with you on my birthday, but, well… I got pretty drunk and Trevor was just… It’s just that you’ve been a great guy to me for so long, and I just need to know what it would be like. So, if you want, we can.”

I pulled my shirt over my head and unbuckled my pants. Samantha smiled and let out a little laugh and shook her head when I finally stood naked in front of her. “Wow, you really are small. I know Trevor’s pretty huge but let’s see if you’re at least a little bigger if you’re hard.”

That was the most surprising part to me. I wasn’t hard. Samantha was standing naked in front of me, ready to have sex, and my little dick was still limp. She strutted closer and reached down toward my flaccid member. Her thin fingers grabbed me, but even her small engulfed my dick in a comedic manner. She ended up using two fingers to pump my cock. When that didn’t work, she lowered herself down to her knees. I was desperately trying to will my dick harder and was sure that when her warm mouth enveloped me I would spring to attention. But even after her lips wrapped around me, my length barely making it past her teeth, nothing happened. She sucked and bobbed, though she barely needed to move her head. My cock was in Samantha’s mouth, I should be rock hard and ready to blow just from that but when I looked down to take in the sight, it did nothing. If anything, my only thought was how very unsexy and not hot she looked sucking on such a small cock. She really did look so much hotter with a big cock in her mouth.

That’s when it hit me. I wasn’t going to get hard. I had spent so long getting off on and spilling my load over the idea of Samantha with a big cock that the thought of her and I together didn’t turn me on anymore. It wasn’t that I didn’t find her attractive but that I didn’t find the thought of her fucking me hot.

“I’m sorry,” I said, pushing her face away from me. Samantha stood up, a perplexed and almost offended look on her face. “It’s not…”

“Wow,” she said, grabbing a blanket of her couch and covering herself up. She took off the necklace and threw it at me. “Just take your pathetic cock and fucking go.”

I quickly threw my clothes back on and walked out.

“You’re right,” I growled through gritted teeth as I rocked my hips into Tina. “I’m never going to fuck her. She deserves better than my pathetic prick. Samantha only fucks big cocks.” Tina wailed in pleasure under me. “My cock is all yours.”

“Oh god, I have to tell you,” Tina panted, her arms wrapping around the back of my neck, jerking her hips to meet my thrusts. “I talked to her yesterday. Mmmmm… she told me she was so glad she didn’t fuck you that night. Unngh unnghh yes! fuck me harder! She said, oh, she said she would have regretted it the rest of her life if she gave her OOoohhhh fuck! her virginity to your tiny dick instead, oh oh, instead of Trevor’s big fucking cock.”

Tina and I were rutting against each other like animals, sweating whipping as our bodies collided, both of us so close to the edge.

“She… oh god, oh fuck, she said…” Tina was thrashing about. “She said she’s in love with him and his big fucking cock… and she owes it all to finding out… oh I’m so close… to finding out how small your fucking dick was.”

Tina and I both wailed as we came together, her cunt clamping down around me as I ejected stream after stream of my cum into her.

Spent, we both collapsed onto our disheveled bed, gasping and panting. Tina threw one leg across me and wrapped her arm around my chest. I gave her breast a squeeze, making her smile dreamily. We kissed deeply. We kept our foreheads pressed together when we broke our lip lock, breathing heavily our lips centimeters apart.

“Fuck I love you.”

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