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A Gift From A Train Journey

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Hi Friends, I consider it my pleasure to share one of the many sexy incidents that happened to me in the recent past. So here begins the story. I am from Mumbai so traveling by train is inevitable. In fact, it is our daily routine to commute.

You can see quite a number of good looking girls, bhabhis and aunties every day. A few of them attract attention immediately mostly by the size and then with the beauty. Like always I decided to travel for work and chose to board a passenger train which would be less crowded during weekdays.

I saw a beautiful lady with a superb figure of 36-32-36 sitting with her mother in law and daughter. I could not take my eyes off her breast and went and sat just opposite to her. I tried my level best to establish a contact in the first 10 minutes but failed miserably.

I thought it wasn’t a lucky day for me and kept quite. A few minutes later we started exchanging looks and then smile. Finally, we started talking. I was unable to control myself. My penis was throbbing to tear off my pants and was fully ready to fuck her.

I gathered some courage and asked her name to which she replied, “Reshma.” I went on to ask her mobile number.

Reshma: Why do you want my mobile number?
Me: Just thought of asking.

After 5 minutes Reshma switched her seat and sat next to me. I understood something might open up today. Her fragrance still gives me a boner even today.

Reshma: I asked you, why do you want my mobile number?
Me: I thought I can work out something.

Reshma: She gave a wicked smile and groaned at the same time.
Me: You have a beautiful smile that any man can die for.

Reshma: Forget others, what about you?
Me: I would be the first one.

Reshma: How can I trust you that my no. will not be misused?
Me: Trust me I am not like others I will talk to you or message you only when you start first on any day of the month.

Finally, we exchanged our numbers. We got down at the last station, from where we parted our ways. I was so much filled with the memories that I wanted to call her immediately and talk to her. But rather decided to wait for her.  I was waiting for her message madly.

Finally, I got a message from her saying, “Call me.” I was unable to control myself, jumped in joy and called her.

Me: Hi Reshma.
Reshma: Hi Jack.

Me: Thank you for messaging me.
Reshma: I don’t know why I couldn’t control myself. I was thinking about you and the conversations we had on the train. I couldn’t keep myself away from you now.

Me: Even I have the same feeling here. I am still in the station thinking about you.
Reshma: OMG! Are you serious?

Me: Yes, I am at the station. If you want to video call me.

She immediately disconnected the call and called me from Duo. I waved at her she could see the station in the background. She scolded me for still being on the station. She called me again.

Reshma: Why are you so crazy?
Me: Maybe it is the reaction of getting lost in you completely.

Reshma: How long will you be here?
Me: Till you ask me to go.

Now here comes the unexpected twist. She asked me to come home. I freaked out and was thanking God for this opportunity. She immediately texted me her address which was hardly 5 minutes from the station. She told me that she has kept her door open.

Come in as soon as I am out of the lift and not wait for her to open the door. As soon as I was out of lift I pushed the door and went inside her house. There she was standing like an angel looking at me and smiling with lust. I immediately hugged her and started kissing her madly. [https://indiansexstories.co/a-gift-from-a-train-journey/](https://indiansexstories.co/a-gift-from-a-train-journey/)

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